Work Order Invoice Templates

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It is common in the service industry that the buyer sends a work order containing a list of the items that he wants to purchase. From this, you, as a seller or contractor, must generate an invoice, billing the client for the goods or services delivered. Creating an invoice becomes a hassle especially when you are starting from scratch. The good news is we can help you easily get the job done through our work order invoice templates that are professional, easy to use, fully customizable, and printable to satisfy your demands which are available in Google Docs, MS Word, Google Sheets, Numbers, MS Excel, and Apple Pages file formats. Better hurry and get our templates now before it's too late!

What Is a Work Order Invoice?

A work order invoice is a document in a sales transaction prepared by the seller as a response to the buyer's demands for goods or services. It presents a list of the products or services delivered by the seller to the buyer, the quantity and amount of each item on the list, and other important details to be checked by the client. Additionally, this serves also as a document demanding or requesting payment from the client of the amount due from the listed products and services.

How to Create a Work Order Invoice

work order invoice template

1. Set Up the Header

In your header, include the following: your company name, address, contact number, email address, logo, and website. Also, do not forget to include the word "Invoice" in fonts bigger than the other texts or in bold. You must also include the date, invoice number, and due date. Note that each work order invoice that you send to your client must have an invoice number that is unique and sequentially generated.

2. Include "Bill To" and "Ship To"

After the header, you must provide the "bill to" and "ship to." simply List the details of the buyer, such as the name, company name, title, address, contact number, and email. There are cases when the buyer wants to be billed under a different name or address from where the products or services were originally delivered.

3. Specify the Details

In a tabular form, you can present the shipping terms with the following column headers: work order number, date of shipment, method of shipment, and payment terms. Moreover, you must also present the work order details by listing the items ordered, description, quantity, unit price, and line total. 

4. Include Other Additional Fees and Charges and Deductions

Sum up the line totals to come up with the subtotal. Then, add the taxes to be paid, insurance, freight charges, and other additional fees that must be shouldered by the buyer. Deduct discounts and related promos that may apply. The resulting amount would be the final price that the client must pay. Make sure to render the final amount in bold or draw a double rule under the final amount to highlight the payment due . This is important because most clients would immediately look for the final amount that they must pay when looking at a work order invoice.

5. Include a Section for the Mode of Payment

Then, include a section in your invoice for the client to specify the payment type that is preferable for him or her, may it be cash credit card, debit card, check, money order, among others.

5. Do Not Forget to Thank the Client

At the bottom of the invoice page, reserve a space where you can write a short thank-you note to the client for having a transaction with your company. You may opt to print the thank-you statement or may have it in a handwritten form to give a personalized touch.