What Is a Work from Home Report?

A work from home report is a document that remote workers write and submit to their respective heads. It outlines the achievements and challenges of the employee.

How to Write a Work from Home Report

According to Glassdoor, 54 percent of workers have access to work from home benefits. This percentage has doubled from 28 percent in 2011. Even if most people are working from home, they must submit reports. Employers need to track the progress of their employees in the assigned tasks with each report. Writing a report while you're working from home is easy. Read our tips below to start making one.

1. Gather Data

Gather all the data that you need for the report. The amount of data depends on the schedule of your report. Make sure that every data that you'll get is accurate.

2. Arrange Data and Make Tables

Now that you have your data, create a logical flow of your sample report. Make sure that your report is understandable for anyone who reads it. For data that involves numbers, you can put them in a table or turn it into graphs and charts. Use colors to differentiate one data from another. You can also use Excel to make a table.

3. Write and Write

Begin writing your report after arranging its flow. Write explanations and supporting details on your charts and tables. Include your productivity and challenges while working remotely. That way, your boss can address the problems and challenges you have for a better working routine.

4. Finalize Everything

Go over your report and see if you can still add some data. Give your report some final touches before printing it.

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