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How to Write a Work from Home Letter

A work-from-home letter is a document that contains the employees' requests to work from home. Employees submit this letter to the employers and it contains a set of conditions for the remote work arrangement. Jobs in the 21st century allow employees to be more flexible with their tasks and expand their abilities. When situations such as sickness and pregnancy take a toll on workers who need to catch up with their load, the best option is to work from home. Going through that setup means you have to write a letter to your employer.

If you need some tips in writing a work-from-home letter, read our tips below.

1. Express Intention

The first paragraph of your letter should convey your intention and ask for permission to work from home. You can state a few reasons why you ended up with such a decision.

2. Explain the Situation

This is the part where you explain your intention further. Describe your current situation and the reasons why you can't come to the office. Every reason for your request should be valid since the final decision always comes from the employer.

3. State Conditions

Make a list of the conditions that you're willing to meet for the remote work setup. You can even write a whole proposal for it. Include the means of communication, being present for meetings, and daily work targets. Make sure it's beneficial for you and your boss.

4. End Positively

Tell your boss to give you an update in the soonest time possible and thank him/her in advance for considering your situation. Don't forget to say that you're looking forward to discuss the matter with him/her in your sample letter.

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