53+ Photo Manipulation Templates – Free PSD, JPEG, Illustration Format Download!

Photo manipulation allows you to modify your original photos by using a photo editing tool like Adobe Photoshop to add improvements to them, remove undesired elements, and so on. If the quality of the original photo is not good, you can enhance its quality by using the right photo manipulation tool and you can also see Artistic Gallery Photo Templates.

photo manipulation template

With our highly editable templates, you can create visually impressive images with photo effects such as your friends having superpowers or even a comical explosion in the background. Through photo manipulation, you can add minor enhancements to your images such as color improvements, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and removing some flaws in the images. On a can large scale, you can add new elements to your site that are not present in the original image. You can join two images to make it appear as a single image or you can add new elements like an item or person to an image. You can also see fantasy art design.

Artistic Photo Manipulation Photoshop PSD Format

artistic photo manipulation photoshop psd format

Atlas Explosion Photo Manipulation

This photo manipulation template is suited for those web pages which require a surreal element – it engages the condition of humans, with modernity, urbanity, and the natural order of things through beautiful imagery.

Artistic Photo Manipulation

artistic photo manipulation
For an attractive background, this photo manipulation template is ideal, with an artsy ink-spattered frame surrounding the image of a beautiful girl’s face – it can form an interesting photo for a music page.

Creative Photo Manipulation of Flower Pot & Hand

creative photo manipulation of flower pot hand

Artistic Photo Manipulation

artistic photo manipulation
For a very artistic look on your photos, you can try this photo manipulation template – your photos will look like a hand-drawn painting created with radial brush strokes.

Boating on Earth Photo Manipulation Download

boating on earth photo manipulation download

Water Photo Manipulation

water photo manipulation
For a funny and interesting photo manipulation trick, use this photo manipulation template – it appears as though a person’s face is being created out of the water that is being poured from a bottle.

Painting Fulfill with Ships & Water Photo Manipulation

painting fullfill with ships water photo manipulation

Photo Manipulate an Angel Rising From Hell Scene

photo manipulate an angel rising from hell scene
This photo manipulation template involves a photo of an angel with large brown wings rising from hell holding a dagger, amidst a barren brown land, with ravens flying around her.

Creative Photo Manipulation Man with Big Cloth

creative photo manipulation man with big cloth

Photo Manipulation Editing

photo manipulation psd format download

Guitar Photo Manipulation Design

guiter photo manipulation design

Photo Manipulation Effects

photo manipulation0

Creative Road Photo Manipulation Download

creative road photo manipulation download

Photo Manipulations

photo manipulations

Home on the Fish Creative Photo Manipulation

home on the fish creative photo manipulation

Retro Photo Manipulation

retro photo manipulation

Painting on Floor Creative Photo Manipulation

painitng on floor creative photo manipulation

Woman Photo Manipulation

woman photo manipulation

We Are Moving In – Photo Manipulation

we are moving in

Assembler Photo Manipulation

assembler photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation PSD images

photo manipulation psd image

Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation photography free

A Soul’s Silhouette

a souls silhouette



Photo Manipulation Artwork Direction Download

photo manipulation artwork directionDownload

Photo Manipulation Creator

photo manipulation creator

Cooking Photo Manipulation

cooking photo manipulation

Human Stone Statue Manipulation

human stone statue manipulation in photoshop

Photo Manipulation Fish Island

new photo manipulation fish island

Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation

Photo Manipulate a Kick-Ass Flaming Skull Scene

photo manipulate a kick ass flaming skull scene

Digital Photo Manipulation

digital photo manipulation example

Undress a Giraffe in Photoshop

undress a giraffe in photoshop

Camera Photo Manipulation

camera photo manipulation

Angel With Fire Wings Photoshop Manipulation

angel with fire wings photoshop manipulation

Photo Manipulate a Magical Shoe House Scene

photo manipulate a magical shoe house scene

Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation 52 pics

Iron Man

iron man

Abstract Artistic 20 Color Photo Manipulation

abstract artistic 20 color photo manipulation

Vertical Turn

vertical turn

Photography Photo Manipulation

dimitri daniloff photography photo manipulation0

Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation0

Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation

Egg Planet

egg planet

Creative Photo Superpower Manipulation Works

creative photo manipulation works

Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation

Photography Photo Manipulation

dimitri daniloff photography photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation – Giant Bike

photo manipulation giant bike

Lindsey Stirling Photo Manipulation

lindsey stirling photo manipulation

Fashion Face Photo Manipulation

fashion face photo manipulation

Artistic Photo Manipulation

artistic photo manipulation

Surreal Flying Brain Photo Manipulation

urreal flying brain photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation

photo manipulation

Half Woman Man Photo Manipulation

half woman man photo manipulation

Eroded Fashion Portraits

eroded fashion portraits

Digital Photo Manipulation

digital photo manipulation example

Photo Manipulation Background

photo manipulation

Photo manipulation is all about the creativity of the designer. A professional level of photo manipulation can easily grab the attention of people. A boring or dull-looking photo can be metamorphosed into an exciting photo by adding elements like angels, cosmic bodies, and fantasy items. Even if you are not a photo editing professional, you can still manipulate an image and use it as a background for your website or app. There are tons of photo manipulation templates available online that are 100% layered and user-friendly.

Each template features amazing designs and elements that can be incorporated into any image. For instance, if there is a wonderful template of a background with marvelous landscape and beautiful flowers and if you have a photo of a cute girl with boring background, you can replace the dull background with the impressive background available with the photo manipulation template. The result will be simply outstanding. You can do this without having any technical knowledge of photo editing.

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