50+ Bokeh Effect Photography Collection / Examples


In photography, the aesthetic quality of the image blur that occurs out of focus areas is what is referred to as the bokeh photography. Photographers use techniques such as shallow depth of field in order to make the image to be seen more clearly from the background. What this means is that the photographer may forget the beauty of the area, which is out-of-focus and only put more emphasis on the subject or object that is being photographed. Macro Photography Tips

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However, since the in-focus and the out-of-focus are two regions that will appear in a photo, there are ways in which the image and the out of focus areas can be worked to ensure they still both present aesthetic value. The quality of the portion that is not in focused by the lens can bring out different elements.You could have an out-of-focus area that is beautiful and does not distract the image quality. You may also have the blur of the out-of-focus area looking horrible and unpleasant. Something that may also compromise on the quality of picture or image you have. You may also see Blurred Photography Creating a balance between these parts can help in the overall appearance of your photo. Some of the techniques, which can be applied to improve the bokeh, are such as the proper lens, depth of field, customizing bokeh, and relating bokeh with the foreground. A low aperture value will produce a short depth of field and in turn cause a larger blurry portion. The shorter the focal length of your camera, the more the depth of field. When you have a longer distance from the lens to the focal point, it will have a larger depth of field. There is a need to leave enough details on the background instead of making it look more blurry. There are plenty of Bokeh photography collection that can be downloaded and printed to add an intriguing touch to your project.

Golden Bokeh Photo Overlay Effects

golden bokeh photo overlay effects

Bokeh Effect Photography -Sparkling Dust Photo Overlays

20 sparkling dust photo overlays jpg


Bokeh Effect Photography Collection



Bokeh man vs the colour wall

bokeh man vs the colour wall flickr photo sharing


Letunov Skiy Photography



Bokeh for Sale

bokeh for sale


Marina – Bokeh Effect Photography



Giulia Mulè – Bokeh Effect Photography



Dustin Diaz

day one hundred five


Canon EOS Coffee Cup

canon eos coffee cup


Paris Taxi

paris taxi


Snowy – Falling Snow Effects

snowy falling snow effects


Bokeh Effect Photography by Besim Mazhiqi

oo by besim mazhiqi 500px


Bokeh in the Heart

bokeh in the heart by simona forte 500px


Bokeh Textures and Actions



Nasos zovo – Bokeh Effect Photography

nasos zovo


Oscar’s Profile Photo Effect

oscars profile


Glenn Waters – Bokeh Effect Photography

glenn waters


Bokeh Effect Photography – Mario G. Pinlac II

mario g


Gege GATT – Bokeh Effect Photography

gege gatt


Nature Vortex – Bokeh Effect Photography

nature vortex


Will Montague – Photo Effect

will montague


Standing under the bokeh

standing under the bokeh


Bokeh Effect Photography – Zdravko Horvat

melbourne 2009


Autumn Bokeh

autumn bokeh


Black Bokeh

helen sotiriadis


Liquid Gold – Bokeh Effect Photography

liquid gold


Flare & Haze – Bokeh Effect Photography

30 overlays for photos


Bokeh Textures and Actions

bokeh textures and actions


Fabio Sabatini – Bokeh Effect Photography

fabio sabatin


Leaked Photoshop Actions Series One

leaked photoshop actions series one


Bokeh Effect Photography

1x flars et paillettes by bloas meven


Christmas Lights

christmas lights


Bokeh Effect Photography – Gabriel Asper

gabriel asper


Bokeh Effect Photography by SlevinAaron

tomato drink


Frankie Rivera – Bokeh Effect

bokehhhhh flickr photo sharing


Transparent Bokeh Edge Overlays

transparent bokeh edge overlays


Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossoms


Calm Photographer’s

crezalyn nerona uratsuji


Light Magic – Bokeh Effect Photography

light magic


Nick Benson – Bokeh Effect Photography

nick benson


Bokeh Textures and Actions

bokeh textures and actions1


Dust Bokeh

dust bokeh


Bokeh Background

bokeh background


Lee Faircloth

lee faircloth


Bokeh Effect Photography

just you and me in this colourful world





Santa’s Bokeh

santas bokeh


Sitting with the Bokeh

sitting with the bokeh explored flickr photo sharing


Fall Morning – Bokeh Effect Photography

fall morning by india blue 500px


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