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Budgeting in business is as important as any other aspect and should be done with extreme care and planning. If you own a business, you probably know how crucial having a budget is. Without a properly crafted budget you can never keep a good track of your monetary inflows and outflows. And that’s definitely a setback for the business. There are companies equipped with separate departments to handle the financial side. But for a startup having a separate office for handling finances can be costly. And that is why experts recommend startups to manage their own budgets and financial accounts. You may think creating a budget is difficult, but with a Business Budget Template, it is as easy as pie.You can also see Project Budget Templates.

Example Business Budget Template

example business budget template

There are many templates that come with empty fields which need to be filled out by the users. This one is not that kind. It is an example template which enables its users to create business budgets from the scratch. An example business budget template acts as a reference document only. Download one to experience easy business budgeting.

Free Business Budget Template

free business budget template

The USP of this template is that it is a ready-to-use document. All you need is to download it from the internet and get a printout. You can use this printout to record not only the budgeted amounts for particulars like accounting services, advertising, estimated taxes etc., but also actual amounts so that any difference may be calculated. Important fields are marked in bold so as to enable users to avoid confusions. Get one of these templates and make ‘budgeting’ a breeze.

Sample Business Budget Template

sample business budget template

This template is visually appealing and the presence of gray coloured boxes makes it all the more desirable. Content wise, it looks routine and can be used by any kind of business with a little editing. The presence of grids makes the entire document look systematic. So, if you are new to creating budgets using samples, you will find these templates extremely helpful.

Characteristics of a great business budget:

The first characteristic of a good business budget template is that it should be realistic. Your budget should be reflective of your business’s current circumstances.The second aspect is flexibility. Although, business budgets have very less room for flexibility, you must emphasize on keeping it as less rigid as possible. You should keep readjusting your budget as the circumstances change. Usually, your income as well as expenditure will change as your business grows. And that is why sticking to the same budget is never a good idea. Keep it as dynamic as possible. A good budget focuses on details. Yes, you can put things under big heads but that seldom helps. Giving due importance to details is extremely important while making a business budget. Although, there are many other characteristics of a good budget, these three bear extra importance.


These templates are easy to download and can be obtained from any template website. If you don’t know of any such site, you can carry out a little research over the internet. They are ready-to-print templates that offer great print quality. Most of them are offered free of cost. Although, a few come for a price, what you eventually spend is negligible. Get them to experience their goodness. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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