10+ Household Budget Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

A household is defined as all the people in a family who live together in the house. Every household has a set of income and expenses to cater to in order to manage a living. Household budgeting is simply economics of balancing income versus expenses of the house. Creating a budget and sticking to it is important for maintaining a balanced livelihood. We have many sample household budget templates available for download to help you begin your budgeting. An excel budget template can help save you trouble.

Sample Household Budget Worksheet

household budget worksheet

ic.gc.ca | Budget worksheet is ideally a synopsis of monthly income versus monthly expenses of a household. It captures the income of every earning member of the family like spouse 1, spouse 2 or any other earning member. The monthly income is bifurcated in income through net salary, income from investments in the form of interest or dividend, income from family allowance, income from child tax benefits, and any other income irregular or annual like bonus, tax refund etc. A sum total of the earned income is mentioned in the total column. The worksheet further captures the expenses incurred for managing the household like housing expenses covering rent, telephone bill, internet, cable, municipal & school taxes, interior & exterior décor, repairs & maintenance, miscellaneous house related expenses, food expenses covering groceries, convenience stores, restaurant meals, take out, meals at work & school, other food related expenses, clothing expenses covering clothing, care etc. and sum total of all the expenses. Maintaining household budget worksheet gives us a fair idea about our overall earning, expenses and savings.

Free Household Budget Template Excel

household budget template excel

bankofamerica.com | This template is in excel format which helps the user in easy editing and usage. The template is divided into 2 parts. Part I includes information about the monthly earned income of the family through all possible sources and Part II includes information about the monthly expenses of the family. It provides a column to calculate the difference between the earned income and expenses which could be in surplus i.e. savings or in negative indicating debts.

Household Budget Template Printable

household budget template printable


Free Household Budget Planner Download

household budget planner


Monthly Household Budget Template Example

monthly household budget template


Annual Household Budget Template Free

annual household budget template

ecfinancial.com.au | This template is useful to set annual budgets of the household. The template divides the income and expenses as per the calendar year i.e. January to December. It indicates income and expenses incurred in each month which helps the household to minimize their expenses like if the expenses in a particular month exceeds the budgeted amount the family members can curtail their expenses in the consecutive month and fall in line with the set budgets.

Basic Household Budget Template

basic household budget template


Detailed Household Budget Template

detailed household budget template


Daily Household Budget Template

daily household budget template


Household Budget Form Example

household budget form


To make a good budget template, try to list down all the things that you need: toiletries, food and kitchenware, entertainment, electricity, water and everything else. Afterwards, allocate funds to each depending on their monthly average expenditure. It is always good to shop in bulk so as to reduce cost per unit.

Importance of Household Budget Template

Crisis or unexpected events like sickness etc. are uninvited but may occur anytime hence every household needs to be prepared for such situations; and the best way to manage crisis is to have surplus amount of money in hand in the form of savings. One of the most important uses of household budget template is that it helps us to identify our major expenses which can be curtailed and turned into savings if monitored regularly. Household expenditureshave no limits and can lead to unnecessary debts if not managed and restricted by setting budgets hence creating a household budget becomes all the more inevitable.


A healthy household budget is the one which helps households to save for the rainy day. Formula for savings is household income – budgeted household expense. Download our budget templates today and enjoy a stress free and debt free life. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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