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How to Write a Kitchen Remodeling Contract [10+ Templates to Download]

You were able to put together a killer remodeling proposal that made your client believe they’ve got the right guys at last. You’re sure of the figures you’ve come up with and your estimates were received by the client with almost no question. Now comes the difficult part because most people don’t give much thought to the legalities a remodeling project usually involves.

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5 Steps to Write a Kitchen Remodeling Contract

Step 1: Get The Basics Right

Basically, a contractor’s agreement with the client spells out the scope of the project and all the work it includes. A detailed kitchen remodeling contract will have graphs and stipulations as well as the legal names of both parties, their addresses and contact information and a statement that both parties understand the terms and conditions well.

Step 2: Set A Payment Schedule

The contract summarizes how much will be owed to the contractor and when the first payment would be collected. It should also indicate the payment plan you have agreed with the client. Payment should be related to project milestones such as when the walls were all taken off, electricity installation and rough plumbing.

Step 3: Apply Proper Billing Guidelines

Generally, your billings should follow certain payment guidelines. The initial payment should not be more than 10% of the total project. The final payment should be a sufficient amount or at least one-third of what the total project costs just to bind the contractor into completing unfinished work, no matter how minor they are.

Step 4: Schedule Project Start And End Dates

A traditional contract won’t detail when the job starts and when it should end so make sure that this information is added to the final paperwork. View these dates as a project time-frame instead of an hour-to-hour commitment. There will always be unforeseen circumstances halting the task and a two-month project could extend a week longer than scheduled.

Step 5: Get It In Writing

They just know they want to have a bedroom or kitchen overhaul complete with paint jobs and all. Before starting the actual work in kitchen remodeling make sure you have a written contract outlining the terms and the relationship you have with your client for the project’s duration.

10+ Kitchen Remodeling Contract Templates

1. Kitchen Remodeling Contract Template


A kitchen remodeling contract or any contract in business need to have terms and conditions that are clearly defined to serve both parties. Download this kitchen remodeling contract template to make you the task of finalizing the contract you’re preparing easier.

2. Home Remodeling Contract Template


Does your company need a remodeling contract with the proper format and structure? You don’t have to look far since we have included this sample contract which you can easily download, edit and customize. It also comes with a pretty neat cover page for added flair!

3. Remodeling Contract Template


The basic job of a contract is to outline the responsibilities of both parties in an agreement they have entered. Use the template above as your guide to writing a kitchen remodeling contract that has all the necessary elements and writes down the obligations of both parties for the contract’s duration. Better yet, just download this template!

4. Home Renovation Contract Template


Not sure how to get started with the paperwork your remodeling project involves? Download this contract design template to have a document you and the client can refer to throughout the project’s duration. Follow everything that’s written and make sure it’s detailed and clear to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Renovation Contract Template


Want to make your agreement with the client for a kitchen remodeling project official? Get this template and download then print according to your preferred format for your convenience. Print copies of your final contract and file it on record. Advise your client to do the same.

6. Home Improvement Contract


A thorough and well-written contract is one of the deciding factors of a successful remodeling or construction project. This article provides a good selection of different remodeling contract samples to help you get started outlining and drafting yours. As always, it’s still a good idea to have your contract reviewed by an expert or lawyer.

7. Home Improvement Sample Contract


Closed a deal for a kitchen renovation project? Get your agreement in writing because there simply is no alternative to a written contract that protects your interests as a contractor as well as the client’s investment to the task. Download any of the templates this article includes, to guide you through the contract-writing process.

8. Kitchen and Bathroom Contract

Having a hard time finalizing your remodeling contract draft? We got your back, so feel free to print the available contract templates in different formats to make sure you don’t miss out on a contract’s most important parts.

9. Kitchen Renovation SOW in Contract


Worried about sloppy penmanship? Then make sure your contract is typed and formatted correctly. Check for errors in grammar and spelling or just download this kitchen renovation contract sample and customize according to the provisions you and your client have agreed on.

10. Kitchen Renovation Contract SOW


Learning how to write a contract for any home renovation project will ensure that you and the other party understand what the project involves and what your part of the deal is. You also get to understand what should be included and why it’s important to have a written contract so get this template and start writing your contract now.

11. Standard Construction Contract


While it’s good to write and complete your own contract, it’s never a bad idea to make sure you’ve got everything covered by using a pre-made contract template such as the one we have here. Just go through what’s written and edit out any provision or element you don’t find useful.

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9+ FREE & Premium Remodeling Contract - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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