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A learning contract can be an excellent class management tool but only when in a good design. As a teacher you can use a contract to channel the behavior of your student in a way that will benefit you and the student. A teacher should carefully write all the behavior goals so that there will be a motivator to influence the student. You can also see Contract Templates.

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Student Learning Contract Template

student learning contract
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Free Download Nursing Learning Contract

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Sample Student Learning Contract Download

sample student learning contract

Learning Agreement Template Free Download

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Free Elementary Students Learning Contract Download

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Personal Learning Contract Template Example Download

personal learning contract template example

Example Learning Contract Template PDF Download

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Nursing Learning Contract Template PDF Download

nursing learning contract pdf download

The contract involves more than one stakeholder and therefore using a learning contract template in its designing is important. To make the learning contract certificate, you have to start by clearly identifying the problem. As a teacher, you should always analyze all the problems occurring at any given time. For example, you may write a contract dictating that a student should only leave his/her seat once in a lesson. You can do this after witnessing one of your students having left the class for more than seven times.

After this, you should note that your student just leaves the class only one time. If the situation is more academic, you should provide the student with his/her grades and advise him/her to improve. You can also see Business Contract Templates If a student fails two consecutive science tests, you should place the grades in a contract, develop a plan for improvement and present the contract to the student. Using a school contract template will help you to design the contract with ease.