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What is an Email Signature Template

We all know the importance of leaving a good lasting impression both in person and in the digital sphere. An email signature design is one overlooked element that can help you connect or disconnect with the recipient. As it can be difficult to do so via email, we have many people looking for responsive email signature examples while branding, promotion or even when changing jobs. A good email signature grasps the attention of the reader and also makes the email look equally formal and professional.

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Now that you have a basic idea and knowledge about the importance of email signature you can try and include one in your professional circle for efficient communication.

The Primary Elements of a Good Email Signature

As the email signature generator attracts the attention and informs the reader about your company, profile, and designation, try and include the following elements for an effective email signature-

Name, Title and Company

Make sure to include all the three in your professional email signature. If you are self-employed, include your name and the title.

Link It

Nowadays, it has become extremely important to include the social media contact information in your email signature. This helps to increase the reach and access of the company.

Contact Information

The contact information in the email signature should include your business website and one official phone number. It is also okay to include your personal email address but you can skip this step if not mandatory.


Whether you work for a company or have your own business having an official logo will enhance your email signature.

Photo (optional)

Many email signatures also include a photo of the sender, but you can skip the step if you feel it is unnecessary.

Responsive Design

As we live in the world of smartphones and tablets, making the design adaptive is of utmost importance. The design of your email signature should be responsive and clear. There is big chance that the recipient might open the mail on their phones, therefore a responsive design will help to adapt well to a mobile screen.

Keep It Clear

There is no need to be extra creative in your email signature as its purpose is to inform and connect. Try and make the design and the information as clear as possible.

Whether you go for black and white or bold and colorful, make the email signature legible and easy to comprehend by the mass audience. Even though you are going to keep the email signature simple make sure to give it a photo finish feel for the professional and brisk appearance.

You can research and explore the innumerable options before deciding on the final look and appearance of the email signature. An email signature at the end of the day needs to impart a corporate presence so make sure you refrain from using elements that are too informal or juvenile in their expression. Use your email signature as a builder to make new connections with the needed professional circle.

Give a final overview to your email signature with these five basic pointers.

  • A simple and uncomplicated look
  • Crisp, clean, non-dramatic font (avoid using script or calligraphy fonts)
  • Flat or semi-flat design (avoid using over-the-top textures or 3-D looks)
  • A dash of bold color &
  • Large legible text

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98+ FREE & Premium Email Signature - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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