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How to Write an Application Proposal – 2 Templates

Applications for mobile phones and desktop computers help in making Internet-related tasks easier and more efficient. It is also a great way to utilize the internet. App developers seem to have developed an application for every need. There are the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for connecting with people and sharing photos. You have Tinder if you want to meet your one true love. Snapseed and VSCO are for editing and beautifying your photos. There’s Chrome, Safari, and Opera for browsing the internet. Developing applications is one of the modern ways to making lots of money.

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Selling your application to potential investors would need a proposal. Applications for phones and computers are very useful in today’s fast-paced digital world. It needs to be pitched for it to be invested on and generate income. You may also like job proposal templates.

Writing a web application for desktop computers and mobile phones, as with other proposals, is a risk-taking adventure. It’s like taking chance on something that can either be a success or failure. Nothing is certain but it’s worth a try.

To be able to write a winning application proposal, include the following elements:

1. Overview.

Give your readers an overview of the application. It should includ parts of the proposal’s content. Write the overview concisely, citing why the application is needed by the people. It does not have to belong. Just give the most important details and you’re good to go. Give them something interesting as potential investors mostly read the overview. You may also like funding proposal templates.

2. Scope.

The scope of your proposal refers to the features of the app you are developing. It also includes how the features can be used when the app is fully developed. Provide a detailed breakdown of the scope. Also, include what the application aims to do once it’s fully set for distribution and consumption. Investors look at this as they will expect what they will be getting out of your proposal. You may also see sample proposal templates.

3. Functions.

Now that you have the overview, build up the proposal by writing the functionalities of the application. Describe how it works and how it can be used in several ways. In this part, a visual presentation is needed. Show the investors how the application works. This will give them more context and you can persuade them in giving your proposal a chance. You may also like work proposal templates.

4. Technical aspects.

Include the technical aspects of the app such as the coding, distribution and graphical user interface. These are important aspects of the proposal as well. These are the things that make the app work. Talk about how these technicalities work in the overall functionality of the application. Along with it, talk about how the app can be used in another way.

5. Cost.

Perhaps the most important part of the proposal is the cost. This will enlighten the investors on how much they will spend in your application. This is money you are talking about. Give them a breakdown of the cost they are about to spend should they approve your proposal. All kinds of costs should be included such as the maintenance of the application. It should be honest and fair to you and the investors. You may also like proposal templates.

6. Time Frame.

By having a time frame in your proposal, you can break down the process of working on your mobile application into stages. This will give you a deadline for each stage. It lets the investors know how long you can work on the project. They expect that you can deliver it within the time set.

7. Target audience.

The target audience of your proposal is also a crucial part to touch on. Your application needs to have a specific audience which has features it can cater to. Explain how the application can serve the target audience. You can also explain how your application is a cut above the rest. These advantages will convince the investors to say yes. You may also like design proposal templates.

8. Budget.

Give the investors the budget you need for developing the application. Think about the possibilities that may arise while developing the app to avoid unexpected costs. You can also prepare for it in case it happens. Some aspects of the budget to be included are the salaries of the developers, purchase of the needed resources, marketing plan and promotion of the application.

Here are some of the templates for application proposal:

Time Management App Project Proposal

Mobile App Proposal

Things To Do When Preparing For A Proposal Meeting

Before heading into a room and meeting your potential investors, you have to prepare yourself physically and emotionally. It’s not easy meeting investors and giving them what they need. In the end, nothing beats preparedness in times of intense pressure. Here are some steps to prepare yourself:

1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep is more important than anything. Get enough sleep to have your brain working well. Facing a group of investors when you’re drowsy might lead you to make mistakes. You may also like sales proposal templates.

2. Get the visuals and props ready.

Prepare all the necessary visuals and put them on a thumb drive. Make sure the files are not corrupted. A well-prepared set of visuals gives the proposal additional context and life. Check the written proposal if it has to be improved. The first draft is not perfect yet. Always find time to proofread what you have written. Check spelling and grammatical errors. You may also like writing proposal templates.

3. Study the proposal.

Know the ins and outs of your proposal. If investors find some loophole and ask about it, you should be able to give them a clear answer. Go over the proposal and think about possible questions that can be asked at the meeting. Find an answer to it and study other details that may be brought upon. You may also see excel proposal templates.

4. Be confident.

Confidence is the key to surviving to every meeting. Be confident in what you are about to pitch to investors. Have great faith that it will turn out good. In case you fail, there are many other chances for you to get back up. Put confidence in your work for this represents you as a person. You may also like research proposal samples.

In every proposal you write, always make sure it bears the most intense convincing power. Persuading the investors is the game in proposal making. You give them what they need and they give yours as well. Good luck on your future endeavors!

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