Journal Planner Templates

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Would you believe in the idea that a simple pen and paper can save you from distress and, at the same time, guide you toward your goal? If you do, then you probably are a "plannerholic" or a "journaler" as what most people define this thing. You write and, at the same time, plan on how you can attain either your daily, weekly, or monthly goals. You can create a journal planner on your own, but with less time used, you can freely download our 100% customizable Journal Planner template available on our site. Inevitably this planner urges your inner spirit to jot down your plans, frustrations, and achievements in life with no judgment at all. 

What is a Journal Planner?

A journal planner as these words imply one of the stationeries that you can use either as a planner or a diary of the process you take into your own standard of success. This journal planner may appear a calendar or a notebook, depending on how the manufacturer envisions this planner as helpful. This planner can last today or a year. 

How to Create a Journal Planner

Digital journal planners, as foreseen tomorrow of paper planners does not correlate to how writing and planning in a paper soothe your nostalgic feels. If you believe in magic, then you probably will consider the magic of handwriting essential in information retention, as mentioned in research at Let all your concerns out on each page of your journal planner guaranteed that no words judge, not even half of what is true other than yours. Get inspired in filling your journal planner with your hopes in life through the tips we prepared on how to create one. 

1. Owe Yourself a Purpose

You matter, but your purpose even more. Before you begin your goal setting, you need to establish a purpose in you. What do you want yourself to do today, tomorrow, or more coming days? What would be your journal planner for? Is that for your personal or corporate cause? The purpose you set will be your hint of starting filling your simple planner with plans of your dreams. 

2. Set a Focus

Commit to a plan one at a time. If you have a daily planner for your daily goal, you list them all and assess what matters most and what needs to accomplish first.  If you have set everything, proceed to daily scheduling where you decide when you will start doing it. 

3. Make it a Routine

Your plans will remain stagnant when you do not act on it. Much more if you drown yourself with procrastination. Make your listing of plans a routine so as checking on your journal planner. Once you involve yourself in your planner every single day, you will no longer feel that you have obligations to do. Instead, you will consider it as a normal practice. 

4. Consider your Journal Planner Special

Choose a journal planner that can encourage you to open and include an additional notice in it. Make it your diary entry on how you achieved your task in a day.  Moreover, you also take a planner that has a graphic design that you like. Once you look at it, the positive stimulus will be active throughout your senses ends you in loving what you do. 

5. Make it Handy as Possible

Most people side into convenience. So, owning a pocket journal planner will be a good option for a to-go person like you. If you work in offices, you may bring with you larger journals to keep you a note and a track of your daily arrangements. Make sure that your journal is engaging and, at the same time, documenting assuring you of the space you need for your plans.