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What Is An Authenticity Certificate?

An authenticity certificate is a type of certification document the proves the authenticity of an artist's artwork. It could be a painting, a photography shot, a sculpture, a story, a poem, an artistic product, and any other artwork. These certificates also make these artworks genuine, original, and especially made by a talented artist.

How To Create An Authenticity Certificate?

Among the importance of a certificate of authenticity is to certify whether an artwork is genuine and real. Similar to what was said earlier. However, creating an authenticity or artist authenticity certificate can be quite daunting since what it'll certify is an artwork. If it looks dull to the naked eye, it would seem that it has no right to prove the authenticity of an artwork. So if you're about to craft one, you should invest some of your time by reading our short guide on how to create a fitting authenticity certificate.

1. Begin With Your Organization's Logo And Name

At the very beginning or upper-most part of your custom certificate is where your organization's logo and name must be found. Those two components of the certificate will serve as its brand and play a vital role in its credibility. Moreover, the logo and name also signify that the certificate is officially from your organization.

2. Don't Overdo The Design

The design of the authenticity certificate doesn't have to be overdone. As long as it looks neat, eye-pleasing, modern, and presentable, then it's good enough. Setting simple colors to its borders and giving it a light background would do. You can view some of our Achievement Certificate Templates to get some ideas on how not to overdo the design.

3. Attach A Picture-Perfect Photograph Of The Artwork

The viewers of the authenticity certificate will surely want to know what the artwork it's representing looks like. That's why it's mandatory to attach a quality photograph of it on the sample certificate. Place the photograph at the very center of the certificate. In this case, the services of a photographer or photography studio might be needed.

4. Emphasize The Artist's Name

It's not just the artwork that's the star of the authenticity certificate. The artist should be heavily credited as well. After all, he/she is the one who crafted the impressive artwork. So what you must do is to emphasize his/her name on the certificate by capitalizing and enlarging its texts. You can take inspiration from some of the sample names of our Award Certificate Templates.

5. Apply Finishing Touches

Once you've embedded every essential component of the printable certificate, then it's the right time for you to print it using a quality photo paper. After printing the certificate, apply the finishing touches such as attaching a gold stamp, and letting your organization's president affix their signature over their printed name on it. The signature of your president completes the credibility of the certificate. And last but not least, encase the certificate inside frame or envelope for protection and presentability. You may also include an appreciation card for the artist as well.

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