Putting together meeting minutes is integral after conducting important group discussions. If you need such documents in an easily digestible format, then go ahead and download our Simple Meeting Minutes Templates. With the help of our customizable samples, you can quickly write down a meeting’s time, date, agenda, and so on. You can even edit our materials using various applications (including Mac Pages). Download today and put together an easy-to-read meeting report in no time!

How to Make Simple Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are quite useful when it comes to large important meetings, as they act as official documents about the prior discussion (as The Balance points out in a web article). Not only that, but meeting minutes also serve as review notes for its attendees and other relevant parties. Be it for school or office, preparing meeting minutes is always a good idea.

Are you wondering how to compose meeting minutes that are easy for anyone to digest? Then consider reading our easy tips just below.

1. Prepare an Appropriate Format for Your Simple Meeting Minutes

As a formal document, you should give your meeting minutes a proper layout. First, decide on the size you need for your report document, which is either A4 or US letter size. After that, apply a 1-inch margin along the document page’s borders to keep the contents neat as you write them down.

2. Enter General Information into Your Simple Meeting Minutes

At the top of your simple meeting minutes, provide a simple title that describes the meeting and the document type—like “School Academic Staff Meeting Minutes”. Next, just below the title, enter the meeting’s date, time, venue, attendees, and minutes composer. Additionally, if required, add the involved team/department’s name and absentees.

3. Write Down Your Meeting Minutes’ Primary Details

There are three subsections in your meeting report’s main part. Enter the meeting’s topics, agendas, action plan, and key takeaways. When putting together these subsections, use grid tables to list down their items with a short description for each one.

4. Add a Bit of Presentation to Your Meeting Minutes Document

You can spruce up your meeting minutes by applying some color to your tables—mainly in the header labels. Also, at the top of your document, insert a header image as your title’s background.

Now you have a basic yet solid grasp on creating a report about your meetings! Don’t forget to download our Simple Meeting Minutes Templates to expedite your document creation!

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