6+ Lease Contract Templates for Restaurant, Cafe and Bakery


Not all restaurants have their own spaces. Most of the time, they find the best location and commercial lease contract it for a certain period of time. This does not only apply to restaurants and hotels, but to most businesses as well. Most companies only rent out spaces since they do not have enough capital to construct their own office space or building. You may also see Lease Samples.

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Restaurant Lease Contract Template

restaurant lease
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Restaurant Lease Contract Template

restaurant lease contract template
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Size: A4, US


Sample Commercial Lease Agreement

lease agreements sample unicloud.pl

Although constructing an office space is more cost-effective in the long haul, there is always an abundance of affordable and convenient office spaces available for lease on a monthly or yearly basis. For this reason, business restaurants are no different when finding affordable locations to set up their operations. Here are some multipurpose lease contracts that can also be used for restaurants, best cafes, and best bakeries. Take a look at them now!

Multipurpose Residential Rental Agreement

rental agreement real estate forms word templates free utahrehydratetheearth.us

Sample Contract Lease

property lease agreement samplehitecauto.us

Sample Lease Rental Agreement

376d765f6c422ce1c13f81be46d37c41 apartment lease rental propertymy-key.co

Sample Lease or Rental Agreement

rental agreement template 16my-key.co

What makes up a lease contract?

Simple Lease contracts are created mainly for the purpose of business transactions. As previously mentioned, most businesses do not have their own office spaces or buildings, so they opt to lease a space where they can set up shop. Additionally, some business people have turned leasing into a business plan as they construct their own buildings and lease out the spaces. Listed below are the items commonly found in lease contracts which can also help when you are about to create your own.

Company description

This is the most basic information which should be included in any business word document. The company description includes the company name, products and services, business address, contact number, years in operation, number of employees, and online portfolio details (website, social media, etc.). The lessor (owner of the property) and the lessee (tenant) should both list their respective company descriptions in the contract, especially if the lessee is the restaurant represented by the business owner and the other members of the management team.

Payment terms

Generally company description or background is only second in importance when it comes to the lease contract. The most important element is the payment terms. The lease contract revolves around the payment terms in which the lessee pays the lessor on a weekly or monthly basis. There are numerous occasions where payment terms are negotiated between the two parties, so if the terms are agreed upon, then another basic contract is manufactured to fit the terms of both parties.

Making sure the payment terms are laid out in detail is very important so that both parties are aware of the terms, which helps prevent abuse or complacency from one or both parties. You may also see payment agreement

Lease guidelines

Payment contract terms are not the only items discussed in lease contracts. Since the lessor is leasing out space, there should be guidelines which should be strictly followed by the lessee. In the case of restaurants, there is always a risk of fire related accidents, so the lessor should clearly indicate the consequences if such accidents do occur while also making sure that the leased space has enough fire preventive measures as well as tools in case of accidents.

Some other guidelines which also need to be considered in the lease contract are the number of employees who will be using the space, the use of equipment lease, and other caretaking concerns.

Take some time to check out the sample multipurpose lease contract templates we have listed and find out how you can use them for your restaurant, bakery, or cafe. We have also included some basic lease contract information which will guide you when you are about to make your own simple contract. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on the different aspects of managing a restaurant.

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