What Is a One Page Newsletter Template?

A newsletter template is a printed report that contains information or news about the activities of a particular business or organization. These are then sent out through email to employees, customers, members, or just about everyone who may be interested in knowing about these activities.

Good newsletters can be really convenient as they can give you all the updated information you need.

What is a one-page newsletter?

A one-page newsletter takes up only one page or one screen that should contain everything that you need to know about a particular business’ activities. You’ll be able to know what the newsletter is addressing or what events are coming up all in one easy-to-read page, allowing less time to be consumed as well as summarizing everything that you need to know.

Steps involved in producing a one-page newsletter

Whether you’re making a one-page newsletter for a marketing program or for corporate events, these are the steps that you’re going to have to follow:

Elements of a one-page newsletter

For the front page:

For the back page:

In the event that you would like to know more about newsletters or if you would like to create one, then you may go through our articles that have the templates that you need, as well as more tips on how to create effective newsletters.