12+ Old Newspaper Template – Free PSD, EPS, Indesign Documents Download!

In spite of novel ideas and discoveries, somehow the old never loses its charm. This especially holds true for the old newspapers, which have retained their charm all through these years. The sepia colored paper with a vintage print is something that people miss, in the modern times. Take your readers to the bygone era with this classic old newspaper template. You may like Free Newspaper Templates Whether you are using it to make a business announcement or a personal one, whether you are thinking to use to share your college or as an invitation for a special event, this Newspaper Templates are perfect to convey your thoughts.

old newspaper template

Old newspaper designs have a charm of their own. Check out this old newspaper template for example. If you’ve been a follower of old newspaper clippings you’d have noticed they focus on making images the centerpiece of the news item. Same format is seen here.

Old Style Newspaper Template

old style newspaper templat

Old Style Professional Newspaper Template

old style

Vintage newspaper mockup Template

fashionable sans serif font

Restaurant Menu Newspaper Style Template

restaurant menu newspaper style template

InDesign Newspaper Template

indesign newspaper template 788x760

Restaurant Menu Newspaper Style Template

restaurant menu newspaper style template1 788x70

The Digital Newspaper Template

the digital newspaper template

Old Frontpage Newspaper Template

old frontpage newspaper template

Old Newspaper PSD Template Download

old newspaper psd template download
This template follows a classic newspaper pattern. You can add a large image at the top, just under the headline. After the image, you can add the title and the subsequent text under it.

Advertisements Old Newspaper Template Download

advertisements old newspaper template download
If you have a daily, then you’ll know the importance of advertisements. You can add a unique touch to your advertisements with this vintage look, complete with brown paper and miscellaneous ads scattered all over the page.

Wedding Invitation Old Newspaper Template Download

wedding invitation old newspaper template download
If you cover wedding ceremonies and similar celebrations, then you might want to opt for this template. It states the most important information at the very beginning, followed by descriptive passages.

Old Black and White Newspaper Template Download

old black and white newspaper template download
A simple, no nonsense type newspaper template, this would be perfect if you run a daily. It focuses more on text than images, and there are spaces provided for advertisements as well.

Indesign Old Newspaper Template Download

indesign old newspaper template download
Despite having a very retro feel to the template, this would be perfect for modern dailies looking for a classy, minimalistic look. The division of paragraphs also makes it easy to read.

Vintage Style Old Newspaper Template Download

vintage style old newspaper template download
More than a daily, this particular template would be better suited to weekend newspapers or tabloids containing less serious news items. It has a retro look, and can be edited easily.

Old Newspaper Template with Advertisement

old newspaper template with advertisement
If you have kept a separate page for advertisements, then this is the template for you. You can add all kinds of ads, with relevant images to accompany them in the spaces provided.

Wrapping Old Newspaper Template Download

wrapping old newspaper template download
This newspaper template has been designed like a wrapping paper, which gives it quite a fascinating and attractive look. All you have to do is download it, edit and print it.

Indie Event Old Newspaper PSD Template Download

indie event old newspaper psd template download

Old Vintage Newspaper Template Download

old vintage newspaper template download

Old Style Newspaper Template Download

old style newspaper template download