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Being in college is one of the biggest milestones in the life of an adolescent. Actually, even when you are a full pledged adult since not everyone gets to have the privilege to go to college, having a degree is probably one of the most rewarding things there is. Giving yourself that chance and making lifelong friends in the process eases out the time you are having. Then again, the academy is not that easy to surpass. You will always paper to write and deadlines to beat. You may also like business paper templates.

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Papers and more papers will make up the most of your student life, from grade school to college. Somehow, most students not only get used to this but also come to love it, as research, homework and term papers manage to provide a good avenue for your wandering thoughts and ideas about a certain subject or more. The idea of impressing your teacher and your professor with what you have made out of, from your thoughts, no matter how jumbled they were at first, would be fulfilling. It means you must be doing something writing, your ideas written on paper must be telling something right. Especially if it proves to be something worth reading. You may also see blank paper templates.

Developing an Academic Paper

Writing an Academic Paper

Traditional Academic Paper

Guide to Writing an Academic Paper

What it means to write in college

There is just something about college that makes you want to make it through after a few years. Gone are the high school petty dramas and homework that doesn’t help your wish to be well-informed at all. College is the time when everything the professor gives you will make or break your chances at success and life after school. Especially that the bar is set higher as public and private institutions and companies only want to take in the most talented bunch from the pack of graduates applying for jobs. One of the first things that you will probably realize as a college student is that college papers are more demanding to write than your high school papers. Many of your high school teachers would have taught you basic useful stuff as you transition from senior year to writing in the university. Your goal will be to write at least clearly if you can’t write as eloquently as expected of a university freshman. You would want to take on a writing challenge, mostly in the form of an academic essay or research and make it with arguably, interesting points. You would wish to sit down and be able to develop coherent paragraphs, with ideas that are focused. You would want to prove that your place in the academy as a university student, is warranted.

It’s just that there are still a lot of students who enter college relying on writing styles and strategies that worked well in high school but won’t work the same way for their college professors. Essay styles the likes of a five-paragraph theme doesn’t offer much when it comes to producing an organized, well-written, college paper backed with facts. Also, many of the tricks in the days of old, such as the use of too much prose, metaphorical language and unnecessary repetition of points will no longer serve you now. You might also learn to understand that writing in college is mostly for what scholars consider as academic writing. And while academic writing can be defined in a lot of ways, you need to know its basic concepts for you to get it done. You need a fair amount of research and legwork if you want to make it good, starting with the library. And even more so when you want to make it the best. For so many generations, writing has become a good way to release the thoughts of men and put them into something tangible for others to read. Sure, you may have talent in coming up with a good one. Then again, you would not be left with much of a choice if you are faced with too many deadlines. There will be times when you will be loaded with too much school work. If you want to turn in a paper that will suit your style of writing and satisfy your instructor, then the easier way is not the best way to go. You may also like strategy paper templates.

Writing Academic Paper Guideline

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is the what researchers use, as a style of expression in defining the intellectual limitations of their disciplines and the boundaries of knowledge in their areas of expertise. The characteristics of academic writing involve the use of a formal tone. It cannot be treated as creative writing, so the literary devices you love to use will not necessarily be acceptable, nor will there be a need for them. It also includes references of the third person rather than the first person point of view, which many of us are used to, a clear focus on the subject being investigated and a specific, appropriate, word choice just like the technical language adopted in professions like law, some areas of simple business and medicine, academic writing is designed to deliver on a uniform meaning about complex ideas or concepts for a group of intellectuals, professionals or scholarly experts. In a nutshell, academic writing has a purpose of serving the academe in general. While the accepted style of academic writing in the case of papers written in the social sciences can vary based on the who it is intended for, most research papers in college put serious consideration and emphasis on the following form and elements:

I.  Consider the bigger picture

Academic writing overall takes an on a formal, logical structure, which is highly organized and evidence-based, unlike fiction or even in most cases, journalism. It is mostly made up of a cohesive and well-arranged idea which means that the different parts need to be connected to form a unified whole. Irrelevant parts of the narrative must be weeded out, so the audience is able to follow what kind of argument you are trying to prove. Researched facts and information have to be cited accordingly with the introduction giving the reader a description of how the rest of the paper is developed. You may also see free research paper templates.

II.  Mind the tone

This isn’t opinion writing for a blog or a newspaper. Your overall tone needs to be set with fair arguments and the narrative should be in an appropriate language. Tone, in writing, refers to the kind of attitude being conveyed. You don’t to mess what could be a valid and legit narrative messed up with your personal biases. When you’re presenting your case towards something you are against for, the argument has to be accurate and not littered with any blatant bias. The academic community will expect the author to study the research problem well from an authoritative perspective, and not childish, personal drivel that fails to make logical points. It is therefore vital, that you strengthen your arguments and trust their ability to drive your case home, using unbiased language, rather than dismissive, or borderline confrontational. The moment you dismiss valid points, you lose the argument before you can even defend them with what facts you were able to collect. You may also see simple paper templates.

Edit an Academic Paper

III.  Use of reference and citing sources

Perhaps, one of the most important parts of academic writing is citing sources in the body of your paper and being able to list down references in the form of endnotes or footnotes, because it establishes the idea that you are acknowledging the sources of your arguments, data, quoted text, results and research findings. Otherwise, it loses the credibility of your whole paper, as you risk a big chance at plagiarism and infringement of copyright of other people’s written works or intellectual property. It also further strengthens and verifies your conclusions, and allows the reader to discover it as such. Other examples of academic conventions that you will find very useful in independent verification, is the use of headings and subheadings, defining and spelling out acronyms, avoiding the unnecessary use of slang and colloquial jargon, and being consistent in using authoritative tone and language. You may also see printable lined paper templates.

IV.  Keep it factual

Paperwork, especially from college and beyond, would often require you to express your thoughts about a research question. In the case of academic writing, however, points that with a pertinent intellectual weight and a sound academic understanding of a specific discipline holds more value. The debates surrounding it, also allows you to explore your arguments further. You always need to support your points with factual evidence to render them credible, and the challenge will lie on how you will be able to convince your audience to the same position you have for your argument. The way to do that is through the validity of your opinion in a carefully and strongly-documented, logical, organized piece of writing. This is so important especially in coming up with a proposition for the research problem. You may also like white paper templates.

V.  Make it thesis-driven

There is no other greater way to describe academic writing, more than the fact that it is “thesis-driven”. This means that it begins with a particular point or position on argument or idea, which is adopted into the research problem or topic chosen, such as proving and disproving solutions that have already been discussed in previous works regarding the discipline, establishing other solutions to the doubts and questions that the problem faces, because a thesis statement, if you don’t already know, cannot continue without research questions. You have to decide and formulate what questions need to be posted or answered, and how you want them answered. identifying the problem simply isn’t enough because it wouldn’t contribute anything to the research at all, and a researcher would never be able to know what data needs to be gathered to have a better understanding of the problem. You may also like research paper examples.

Academic Paper Example

Sample Academic Paper

Simple Research Paper

Being a college student is more than just the Greek houses and how you can get them to want you. It is more than what you have bargained for after your high school graduation. And it demands more work, effort, and thinking, than you were asked to do, for most of your student life. College is your reckoning for the real world ahead. Most of that reckoning will come from writing papers with which you will have a different intellectual journey. You can choose to see it as a massive burden you have to go through, or you can choose to take it as a challenge you can enjoy and learn greatly from. College is a reckoning. Make sure you make it count, more than your sorority or fraternity rush.

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