6+ School Newspaper Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

The students in your school are walking around with a lot untapped talents hidden inside. Give wings to these talents and a platform for them to display these in form of a school newspaper. Wondering how you can design a great school newspaper to showcase your students’ creativity? Well, it’s easy. Just download a school newspaper template and you are good to go. You may like Newspaper Templates. Designed to look just like any traditional Newspaper Templates, this template has a structured outlay to segregate columns and articles of similar type. Offering enough space to add in images and drawings, you can edit this template to make it look the way you want.

InDesign Format School Newspaper Template Download

indesign format school newspaper template download A school newspaper should be informative, yet have a casual tone. This particular template is just that, it focuses more on the text than the images, although there is sufficient space for photos as well.

Best Back to School Promotional Design Newspaper Sample Template

best back to school promotional design newspaper School or class news mostly consists of light hearted news articles or happenings in the school. For such articles, you could choose this template which is brightly coloured but has a professional look nonetheless.

Editorial Design Format School Newspaper Template Download

editorial design format school newspaper template download School newspapers are mostly based on a lot of research and scientific evidence. To make your news articles more meaningful, you may add pie charts and statistics to the article, like the template.

Mini School Newspaper Sample Indesign Template Download

mini school newspaper sample indesign template download This particular template has a triple folded design, that allows you to accommodate more news articles and photos than an ordinary newspaper. Despite the numerous articles, it doesn’t appear clumsy.

Sample High School Newspaper Template Download

sample high school newspaper template download High school students aren’t likely to read anything that they don’t find interesting enough. You can make it appealing by using this template, it leaves sufficient white space in between articles to make it look attractive.

Halo School Newspaper Example Template Download

halo school newspaper example template download Most school newspapers cannot afford to add too many images or photos. If you’re one of them, this stylish yet handy school paper template would be perfect. It uses a green font for headlines, giving it a different touch.

Printable School Newspaper Example Template Download

printable school newspaper example template download This template for school newspapers focuses more on the images, and less on the text. Students tend to have a shorter attention span, this attractive newspaper template will keep them intrigued.

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