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3+ Concept Paper Templates – PDF

In research, it is important to elaborate the points of why you are doing it. All research papers must have a purpose. And, with that comes the writing of a concept paper. This further explains the main points of the research paper. It can be written in one to three pages, but sometimes it can go to 10 to 20, depending on the requirement.

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Another purpose of a concept paper is to provide an in-depth discussion on important matters. This contains the opinion of the writer on the issue at hand. A concept paper is also an effective way of gaining funds for a project from donors. You may also see printable paper templates.

Concept Paper for the Global Business Plan

Concept Paper Format

Some of the Elements of a Concept Paper Include:

1. Title

The title of the concept paper often comes in question form or a catchy statement. Get the interest of the readers with just a few words. Once the interest starts settling in, it would get them to read the whole paper. You may also see business paper templates.

2. The Clear Description of the Topic

The topic of the research includes a summary of what it is about and why it is important. Describe it clearly to give your investors a clear idea of what the research or project is all about. You may also like paper templates.

3. Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a one-line statement on how the questions in the research will be answered. Sometimes, the example of thesis statement goes beyond a sentence and there’s nothing to worry about it.

4. Whys and Hows

Give a demonstration on why and how the research question needs to be answered. Tell the readers if answering the research question is worth it in the end. Explain the various ways of answering the question, including how you plan to gather and analyze data, and how the data will answer the question. You may also like blank paper templates.

5. Contact Information

Getting good funding is one of the primary purposes of a concept paper. Include your contact information for future negotiations. This could lead the way to your project’s approval or rejection. Leave your contact number and email address on the title page.

InGRID Concept Paper

Concept Paper

Writing the Concept Paper

While writing a concept paper, there are some steps that must be followed. It’s somewhat pretty simple to come up with one, but it needs lots of hard work and critical thinking. Remember to always write in a simple language so it can be read by every kind of reader. You may also see strategy paper templates.

1. Start with the Hook

The hook is meant to grab your reader’s attention. The first sentence should come off with an interesting fact or an opening question, which leads to the meaty part of the paper. You can add a more descriptive title to grab more attention.

2. Put the Reason Why

Give the investors a reason why they should consider your idea. Provide a clearer context why your idea deserves some funding. Briefly explain how your idea will be effective in addressing the problem if they give the funds you need. You may also see grid paper templates.

3. Describe the Problem and Why it Matters

Describe the problem that your project wants to address in the paper. Include why it matters to the public and why it really matters to the public. The problem can relate to current situations and relevant issues. Statistics and testimonials can help in building up the description. Put in references to the data and information you are using. You may also see research paper samples.

4. Elaborate the Methods

Convincing the investors on your idea is just a fraction of the whole job. Telling them how you are going to solve the problem makes up another part of the proposal. Explain every step of your methodology. Have a smooth transition from one step to another. Make sure all the steps are connected with one another. One thing that you have to go along with this is explaining what makes your methodology unique from others. This creates a big chance for your paper to be approved since investors are looking at multiple projects to fund. They go for the ones that will give them a good return on investment.

5. Provide a Time Frame

Every project has a time frame. Give investors a timeline on when the project gets to be completed. Include the processes the project has to take every month. Investors never gamble on an unsure project.

6. Share the Marketing Strategies

Break down the strategies that you have to make that will make the project likely to succeed. Investors will have a clear idea of where their money goes. The various marketing strategies you share may increase the chances of the project to succeed.

7. Give a Budget

This can only be considered as a preliminary budget since it’s only a concept paper. All the details are not spelled out yet. This also serves as a general overview of the project’s cost. It helps the sponsor know if the project’s scope is appropriate with the money they are investing in. You may also see white paper templates.

8. Wrap Up

Summarize all the key points in your paper. This is your last stretch in convincing the investors to fund your project. Repeat the project’s purpose, status quo, the needs and the proposed solution in a short paragraph. End the paper with high hopes of getting the project done. You may also see a sample of papers.

9. Review

Review your concept paper and find some loopholes the investors might see. It’s better to do some proactive damage control. Read through your paper again and see what can be done. Take note of the formatting of the paper from the cool font, font size to the margins used. Make sure all paragraphs are properly aligned. Everything has to look clean in the eyes of the readers and investors.

10. Proofread

Check if there are any spelling and grammar lapses present in your paper. This could make the paper look illegitimate. Make sure to rewrite unclear phrases and revise paragraphs so that they are clear. Do not forget to check if there are misplaced punctuation marks which may lead to confusion on the readers’ part.

Always keep in mind that when writing a concept paper, being specific and honest about your goals of a project is the best key to getting an approval. This kind of paper aims to address a pressing issue and giving a solution to it. Learn to get ahead by writing it well. You may also see lined paper templates.

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