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15+ Inspiring Examples of Paper Art Designs & Paintings

Paper Art Deco Painting can be defined as an activity which involves folding, cutting and shaping of paper. We may live in a technically advanced world but the obsession for paper art has not diminished yet. In fact, it has taken a highly digitalized form. It truly involves lot of imagination and thinking but is also laden with fun. And please do not think that paper art is only confined to kid’s art and craft activity but it has got a new dimension in the present digital arena.

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> Paper Art No More Restricted to Hand Sketching Now a Days

It is quite true that paper art and craft is no more restricted to hand sketching but it has taken a digitalized form and can be provided a 3D Art with the help of important tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. You can provide them any shape, size, color or design to enhance their beauty and attractiveness. This is one area of art where you can display from creativity and can feel free to experiment. Paper art is often used as means to decorate and so the texture and the design become very important.

> Why Paper Art is Still Relevant in Digital World- Any Guesses

  • Paper Art is one of the most productive methods which help you to design greeting or invitation cards, business pamphlets and broachers and you can even prepare a collage if you want to depict social message amongst people in the society.
  • With the help of advanced tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator you can provide an original look to your drawing and design it more effectively
  • You can create different shapes and geometric figures and also make colorful cards per the requirement of the project
  • Paper art can always prove to be an effective tool as far as promotion of your business or ad campaigning is concerned. Moreover, you can also post beautiful greeting cards on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Skelton Paper Art Design


Jesus Paper Art Design


Rainy Season Paper Art


Cup Paper Art Design


Butterfly Paper Art Design


Birds Paper Art Design


Nature Paper Art Design


Dog Paper Art Design


> Teaching Kids become fun and playful with colorful Paper Art

Paper art has been introduced by many schools to induce creativity in kids. In fact, teaching the tiny tots through colorful and attractive sketches becomes easier and playful because they are able to understand more quickly. You can draw their favorite Cartoon Drawings or even the alphabets with pictures with a 3D effect to make it more eye-catching.

> Creating Beautiful Moral Stories with Paper Art

Yet another way of using the best sketches of paper work is creating beautiful stories with this craft. You can draw different animals and human figures give them a 3D effect to explain the story to the kids. There are different tools on Photoshop which will help you to give areal look. You can even write the story in stylish fonts and club them together with the images which will instantly attract the children. In addition, it will also teach them a moral of their life.

> Areas of Occupation where you can Carry Forward your Passion

If you are passionate about paper art and have decided to make it as a source of your income, then there are a few fields where you can dedicate your services

  • Firstly you can work in a publishing house as a graphic designer where you can create and design beautiful art and craft work for children using advanced tools
  • You can work in advertising agencies with the above profile and design beautiful cards and other materials through paper art for business promotion
  • There are many web pages for specific products and services which need engaging paper artwork to be displayed on site and so you also have one opportunity there.
  • Paper Art is also used for decoration purposes. So you can offer that service to the clients and work according to their specific needs.

> Boost your Creativity and Imagination with these Varieties

As mentioned paper art gives you one of the optimum opportunities to boost your career as a graphic designer and also enhances your imagination power. Here are some of the effective techniques that you can precisely follow-

  • Collage Paper

You can reveal your creativity through this unique method where you can scramble, fill with color, fold, tear, and rumple. It is a form of contemporary art which offers wide range of possibilities to explore your imaginativeness. However, you need to practice it to gain perfection.

  • Sculpting with Paper

This is yet another amazing idea where you can display your passion and talent for the paper art work. You can construct or create any sculpture with a piece of paper which will always look attractive. However, you need to make sure what you want to draw.

  • Clubbing two images or figures together

Photoshop or illustrator has the tools which help you to club two or more images together at one place while doing a paper art work to engrave the entire outer appearance.

  • Hole Punch

You need to gather very small pieces of colorful paper at one place and then attack them with a hole punch. Now all these into a Digital Scanner Master and place a high contrast piece of card. Scan it at 300dpi or higher resolution.

> Now get some knowledge about Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling is creative techniques in which you have make use of strips of paper to form various shapes and rolls and that are pasted together. Here you have to curl, loop and twist the paper and then make beautiful greeting cards, invitation cards, decorate wall pictures and so on.

> Avoid these Mistakes to Excel in this Field

Paper art is after all, an art activity where you can make a few mistakes which can hamper your design or shape. However, it is better to avoid such mistakes to accomplish your skills further.

  • Not drawing the perfect shape of the figure

While you are involved in the paper art make sure you get the right shape of the figure you want to draw. It should not be too small or too large.

  • Choosing inappropriate colors for background and images

When you are especially making greeting cards, make sure you choose the right color for the background and also for the image drawn on the card. Inapposite color choice will look absurd.

  • Making Hasty Decisions while drawing

You should make a proper plan while undertaking any paper art project. Do not start it hastily because then you will commit mistakes very easily.

  • Having inadequate knowledge of tools

Having inadequate knowledge of the various tools of Photoshop means that you will not be able to utilize all the weapons you have for carving out a perfect design.

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