12+ Newspaper Front Page Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

It completely depends on the way the front page of a newspaper looks to decide if a reader would pick it up or not. So, if you have been thinking of printing a newspaper for your personal or business purposes, make sure that you get a perfect front page for it. Newspaper front page templates would give you enough ideas as to how you can dress it up. you may like Newspaper Ad Templates. With separate spaces for the name of the Newspaper Templates, important headlines, content and images, these templates can be easily customized by you. All you need to do is download these and put in all your content.

newspaper front page template

1950s Sample Front Page Newspaper Template Download

0s sample front page newspaper template download
The front page of a newspaper needs to be attractive enough, and this template can help with that. The little white boxes with headlines break the monotony of small script throughout the page.

Unlike some newspapers, this template leaves adequate empty space in between to go easy on the eyes. The headlines are written in a bold fashion which immediately catches our attention.

Old Style Newspaper Front Page Sample Template Download

old style newspaper front page template
This template doesn’t have the typical black and white background, instead it has a reddish tinge. You can add contrasting coloured images to add to the beauty of the paper.

Old Newspaper Front Page Example Template Download

old newspaper front page template download
If you’re downloading this template, you too could add a sensational headline which will attract readers. Plus, you get to add as many images as you want supported by descriptive text.

Front Page Newspaper Retirement Party Invitation Format Download

front page newspaper retirement party invitation template download
Some newspapers post party invitations on the front page to attract attention. If you have to post a party invitation article for a man who has just retired, then all you have to do is download this template.

Newspaper Front Page Free Word Format Template Download

newspaper front page free word template download
extranewspapers.com | This particular template is downloadable in a Word format, which makes it exceptionally easy to edit. Each space has already been designated, you just have to add the details wherever required.

PSD Format Newspaper Front Page Template Download

psd format newspaper front page template download
This template would be perfect for a daily, responsible for bringing news to readers regularly. It has sufficient space for images and and distinct columns for text with gaps in between.

With this newspaper template, you have the option of placing a large image near the top, surrounded by text on all sides. You can add several smaller images all over the page too.

Sample Journal Wedding Newspaper Front Page Template

journal wedding newspaper front page template

The first page of a wedding newspaper needs to be attractive and appealing, it also needs to reflect the ambience and the overall tone of the paper. That is why this template would be appropriate for you.

Vintage Format Newspaper Front Page Template

vintage newspaper front page template
What strikes one most about this newspaper template is that despite its bright color combination, it has a sober, grave and sombre tone. You can even make use of the vintage font used for the headlines.

Front Page Newspaper Retirement Party Invitation Example Template

front page newspaper retirement party invitation template

Newspaper Front Page Sample PPT Template Free Download

newspaper front page ppt template free download