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In school or in work, a report template is the most reliable form of summary tool where any stories, status and study can be delivered in an organized and detailed manner. Not only it is a general guide but a writing format where any individual can use to have the main points of a specific topic and delivered it in a manner that any reader could comprehend.

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Book Report Template

Students especially in elementary years must have a book report template to be able to sum a book they have read in a short time, the format they can apply whenever they will need to have a conclusion or lesson in a story and explain it in short nevertheless complete details. [5+ Book Report Template]

Incident Report Template

When there is a violation or offense in any law or regulations, an incident report template is submitted by any violators or witnesses to have the full information of what happened and why did that scenario occurred to be able to have a corrective action to prevent any further events like it. [18+ Incident Report Template]

Expense Report Template

To any individual or employee an expense report template is the summary or list of all the items that was consumed in a specified period of time for a particular reason; it sums up the whole computation of all the costs made and the total budget in each expenditure for refund or audit purposes. [6+ Expense Report Template]

Report Card Template

Teachers or professors cannot work properly without a report card template in their side as it is the record of all their students’ school performance in a given period. The official grade summary of each subjects attained by a student and to identify their lacking points to be able to pass in that particular subject. [11+ Report Card Template]

Status Report Template

In any event, a status report template shows what is the current situation that a person or group is facing, what are the problems encountered, solutions made, actions taken and recommendation formulated in that particular event to be able to have a better plan in facing any uncertainties in the near future.[3+ Status Report Template]

Progress Report Template

Progress report template shows thorough improvements or advancement of a project or individual status compared to its previous state. It list down what steps has been made to be able to move forward and the achievements made on what has been expected in a set of goal for a person or a group. [12+ Progress Report Template]

Lab Report Template

Scientific community is always using a laboratory report template to be able to make a sensible and useful data out of their research or study; the template summarizing the whole course of their experiments and to show it to people in an abstract format that they will understand easily. [11+ Lab Report Template]

Annual/Yearly Report Template

An annual/yearly report template is the whole summary of what activities has been done and generated income from the preceding year especially in business like income generated, expenses made or tax payments. It outlines each pertinent business transactions that has something to do with a company’s financial status. [5+ Annual/Yearly Report Template]

Police Report Template

Like the blotter or criminal report, the police report template is used by any police officer to record any crimes, evidence and offenses in a specific day. Each data are carefully inputted in the template to be official and formal so as to serve as a legal evidence when used in court proceedings when needed. [5+ Police Report Template]

> After Action Report Template

A guide for a retrospective review where an occurrence or event is carefully studied to identify the factors that cause it to happen and the better plans that may be used when a person is faced with the same scenario is called the after action report template; it is an evaluation tool to pinpoint what are the best choices to be used to be able to solve a specific problem. [7+ After Action Report Template]

Weekly Report Template

A comprehensive data of what has been made in a regular basis for a week is called a weekly report template where any individual can write down all of what happened for seven days. They sum up all the events or challenges stumble upon a week and what are the steps taken after encountering it. [11+ Weekly Report Template]

Monthly Report Template

In business terms, a monthly report template is the guideline used to evaluate or calculate the financial status of a group or person in a given month. It list down what are the expenditures, monetary funds and assets by a person or company to be able to evaluate its current financial status each month of the year . [9+ Monthly Report Template]

Business Report Template

Business report template shows the current status of a product or company in the market world, it shows what are the highs and lows faced by that company in market trade and their financial status to determine if they are able to meet their goal in a given point of time. [7+ Business Report Template]

Project Report Template

It is the status update or summary of a project completion where it list down all the expenditures, problems seen and if the completion of the said project meets the standard goal established, the project report template. It is the abstract of all the things done to be able to make the project be completed whether it met the deadline or not. [11+ Project Report Template]

Trip Report Template

To an institution or academia, a trip report template shows the intentions of a student in going to places or destinations or by visitors to their campus be able to attend any events for reasons like research and convention. It is like a memorandum where there will be visitors attending or roaming a certain place to be able to fulfill specific task or assignment. [11+ Trip Report Template]

Accident Report Template

Whenever any tragedies or unexpected event happens occurs, an accident report template is made to be able to summarize the whole scenario and what are the immediate actions taken to resolve the said event. It is the chronological telling of the event from the start up to the last details of it so there will be improvements that must be done to prevent it from happening again.[10+ Accident Report Template]

Daily Report Template

A person writing down all the things he or she made for a day and if their daily goals are met, the daily report template is needed to be able to have a continuous reporting of events and progress everyday so there is a pattern wherever a specific task is completed or not. [21+ Daily Report Template]

School Report Template

A school report template is the summarize concept of a particular written story or research. It is where students write down all their learnings, new discoveries or insights absorbed in a particular task so the teacher may know if they really do the task given to them or just copied other students work. [10+ School Report Template]

Sales Report Template

For a sales person, a sales report template is the list of all the customers called to promote a company’s product or service, the number of sales done, and the total income made for a specific time. It is mainly for identifying whether a sales person achieved the quota needed and the customers satisfied in their service. [4+ Sales Report Template]

Audit Report Template

Any auditor making rounds in any places can’t do their job without their audit report template where they write down all their observation, assessments and evaluation for an individual or facility to be able to point down any mistakes, improvements and difference to the actual standards made. [11+ Audit Report Template]

Financial Report Template

Person with accounting backgrounds or idea can try a financial report template to be able to compute what are the assets, liabilities and income made in a year that must be given by any person or group to any revenue auditing personnel. It is for the sole purpose of computing how much is the tax that this person or group must pay for the government and to identify if the target income is achieved. [10+ Financial Report Template]

Search Engine Optimization Report Template

Any online shop owner or business persons engaged in online trading must have knowledge of search engine optimization template where it shows how many online users visits a particular web page and its standing of the most visited website in the internet. It tells you what are the measures or changes to be done to be able to make your site a trend online for different reasons. [8+ Search Engine Optimization Report Template]

Medical Report Template

Medical report template is the guide to sum up the whole health status of an individual may it be an outpatient or inpatient; it list down the medical history, primary diagnosis, treatments or operations made and the medication regimen given to be able to resolve the illnesses that a person has. [9+ Medical Report Template]

Social Media Report Template

Internet today can make any persons task a lot easier, that’s why a social media report template is made to find out if a webpage or online user has been doing well in the web world may it be in entertainment, ecommerce, entertainment, socialization, business etc. it shows the numerical data of the number of income generated, number of visitors and trending activities made online. [10+ Social Media Report Template]

Investigation Report Template

An investigation report template is the prescribed format is recording a history of a criminal offense or violations made by a suspect. It is a chronological telling of the story from where the crime is, people involved and how the crime did happened from the start up to the end to be able to bestow an appropriate verdict for the suspects. [12+ Investigation Report Template]

Technical Report Template

Professional making a research uses a technical report template where the technical study they are making will have a synopsis that will conclude all the study and analysis they have made from a particular problem or curiosity to generate a fruitful information useful in any aspects of learning. [8+ Technical Report Template]

Marketing Report Template

In trade, marketing report template shows the status of a product or service in the market where it shows the demand and supply of it and the consumers purchasing the particular goods. It is an indicator whether it is best time to invest, trade or buy any commodity in the market. [10+ Marketing Report Template]

Summary Report Template

Having a synopsis can be a really tough job that why a summary report template is made to have a pattern in making a conclusive statement out of a story or study to be written in a concise manner that contains all the main thoughts and idea of it. Mostly it is used in narrative stories and comparing it in the real world. [10+ Summary Report Template]

Treasurer Report Template

A treasurer report template is the standard financial report status of a group where it indicates the revenue, assets, tax, expenses or debts made in a specified time. The treasurer will compute the financial status of a company or group to determine if they are gaining or losing income so plans will be made to achieve the target goal. [9+ Treasurer Report Template]

Production Report Template

In filmmaking, a production report template will summarize all that is accomplished within a day in making any shows or movie. Like writing down any difficulties faced, adjustments done and the story plot completed in taping a whole scene for a day so there will be an alternative plans if problems may happen in the future. [9+ Production Report Template]

Executive Report Template

An executive report template is the shortest format used to summarize a long detailed memorandum or proposal made by any executive so the reader will get the important things in just a few paragraphs. It is the prescribed format in outlining extensive statements for any business activities so any person will be easily familiar to the topics of it. [7+ Executive Report Template]

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