5+ Restaurant Event Contracts for a Restaurant, Cafe, and Bakery

Marketing activities increase a restaurant’s visibility, which eventually increases its income. One marketing strategy activity that most restaurants utilize is hosting events planning such as birthday, simple wedding, or office parties; music and art performances; and other social engagements or exhibitions.

Like every marketing activity, quality should be preferred over quantity. The number of corporate events that restaurants and hotels organize do not automatically equate to more income for the restaurant. Hosting subpar events that only a few customers attend can be very costly for the restaurant as well as detrimental to the restaurant’s long-term profitability and sustainability.

Even if a restaurant only hosts two or three schedule events the entire year but the said events are highly successful, then it is much better than hosting events on a monthly basis. The best events are an exerted collaboration between the restaurant and the other party co-organizing or hosting the event. Contracts are made to make sure both parties fulfill their responsibilities as outlined in their basic agreement.

Here are sample restaurant event and multipurpose free contracts you can use for your restaurant, cafe, or bakery.

Restaurant Event Contract Template


Banquet and Restaurant Event Contract



Restaurant Event Contract



Multipurpose Event Planner Contract



Event Planner Agreement



All-purpose Event Planner Template



How to make effective restaurant event contracts

Clarify the obligations of each party

A business contract involves more than a mere handshake between two persons representing their respective interests. Contracts are written simple agreements or obligations which both parties should strictly follow. Even in this case for restaurant events where the one party will be hosting an event or doing a performance, it still highly benefits both parties. They both have the potential to earn as well as achieve increased visibility among the restaurant’s customer base and potential market analysis. So, it is very important for both parties to sit down, discuss, and clarify the terms of the contract so there will be no major issues once the event agenda will commence.

Establish payment terms

As previously mentioned, both parties have the potential to earn in these types of events. Even birthday parties or wedding celebrations where the organizers need to pay the restaurant for the awesome food and the use of the restaurant’s space can still benefit by having a highly successful event program. If the restaurant sees increased event bookings, they surely would like to give the individuals who previously booked with them some discounts in the near future.

Payment is very important when it comes to business contracts. One or both parties should be properly compensated. Establish bill payment terms by listing down the exact amount that both parties will receive, as well as the payment terms and discounts agreed upon.

Limit liabilities

Liabilities are very tricky when it comes to service contracts. Too many liabilities written for one party might cause that party to back out. Allow free rein when you are about to construct your contracts, but also set some guidelines to avoid abuse by one or both parties.

We hope you found this article to be informative. Basic restaurant event contracts are very vital simple marketing tools that can aid a restaurant’s sustainability. So, be sure that you write yours properly using the tips we have outlined.

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