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A property, whether commercial or privately owned, is one of your biggest assets. You therefore have to keep it properly maintained. Prior to that, you also have to make sure that your investment is not put to waste by performing inspections. It is understandable that electrical and concrete foundations make up an overlooked part of a building. Yet it does not take away the fact, that it is one of the most important. It is an unsung component, often deprived of the attention that it needs, with people in charge forgetting that it has to go through inspections, because it is mostly exposed to the elements that can cause its deterioration. With the weather being exceptionally harsh sometimes, protection is also needed, for it to stand the test of temperatures through time. There would be leaking, and replacements will be inevitable. However, you can have contractors or a team skilled enough in doing inspections which are necessary for safety standards among other reasons, not to mention that you have to comply with building codes, as required by the local and federal government.

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Self Inspection Worksheet for Food Service Establishments

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Inspection Report-Wages and Work Conditions


Inspection Sheet


Workplace Inspection Checklist

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Inspection Checklist

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Inspection as Damage Prevention and Control

For a commercial property, this should be one of the fist things you need to secure. Signs of moisture cannot be taken lightly otherwise no amount of maintenance can fix the damage brought by leaking and too much decay on the structure later on. It will not be as sturdy as its materials promises. Any indication of damage can be better detected by those who are trained to do maintenance checks and allowing them to go about their wok in the site every now and then, may be one of the best business decision you can make, if only for the safety of the people who occupy the workplace every day. Inspections have always had a hand on prolonging the capacity of the structure to literally keep itself rooted to the ground, no matter circumstance, calamity or no calamity. Another is the inspection of the quality of services being offered to consumers.

Inspection Help Avoid Losses

With that, both have proven to work to the advantage of business owners who put priority on the safety and longevity of their own business and their compliance to regulations set by the corporate and government laws, especially for companies that uses their establishments for the production and manufacture of goods. This process, has been proven to cut down losses in production too. Too many things about a building and certain goods have been compromised by too many replacements or product recalls when it could have been avoided by keeping a worksheet that tracks its condition regularly and not only when the situation calls for it. Remember that product recalls doesn’t look good on a business. They would always put you in a bad light, and you can bet your customers would remember and would think twice before trusting themselves to buy your product again. What a massive loss of profit that could turn out to be.

Inspection Ensures Quality

The cost of new materials can be on the expensive side sometimes. And you would not want to always risk that because of the changing prices for equipment in the market, or the possibility of having to employ another team of people who can record and keep track of the overall business maintenance. Self-inspection is only good if the damage isn’t evident yet. Buildings are only as good as their structure. Products are only as good as the stuff they are made out of. They cannot be expected to stand and be in the same condition when they were first made or built, oblivious to the elements and possible risks. And whether your property is commercial or private, you should keep it in good working condition. Or the fact that certain parts, should not be overlooked, for obvious reasons. Especially when it demands safety and quality inspections. There are more than enough reasons for conducting certain procedures, or property and product evaluation. One of them would be compliance, and you do not want to go wrong with that. Another will be some sort of city ordinance or the changing codes that your company needs to be updated with, since they differ by state and change from time to time. It is one of the steps followed when selling or purchasing a building and manufacturing goods.

Inspection Protects Business

They determine the value of your business and how much you put your employees and consumers into consideration when it comes to keeping them safe and offering them the best service you can give. Maintenance checks and quality inspections identifies certain risks and vulnerabilities the business as a whole, might be subject to. The earlier it is done, the better off you and your business will be. Buildings do not stand well with how the temperature can be unforgiving at times. Leaking will be there. And even cutting-edge factory technology wouldn’t be able to save the mishaps of manufacture, when it’s the people and not the machine’s fault. Or when different quality channels within a company just fail proper flagging of goods that doesn’t pass quality standards. To protect it from the damage that these maladies poses, inspection should not be just an option. It should be necessary, for all the right reasons. What with the high demand in production and competition in the market. Safety is a big deal. As is quality. When a company fails to deliver for either of these two, they risk having so much more liabilities more than assets in their hands. It is that you have more security when it comes to arranging a little fix here and there, and ensure that you have the right people working to guarantee the quality you promised your customers, then that would make a lot of difference.

Health and Safety First

It pays to identify what problems lurk, waiting to strike in destruction, before you pay the price of having to answer to your employees and your customers. It helps to also want a commercial property to survive the anguish of bad weather and harsh temperature if it is to stay long and be trusted in the industry. On top of that, there are other elements that pose risks to the way it was built. There is only so much that new materials and maintenance can do. Prior to keeping it in good condition, it needs to undergo evaluation, so that it will not be subject to things that will be the cause of its deterioration. Otherwise, it can only serve you for a shorter time than you expect. You also have the option to hire contractors you can trust to do tests that would have a long term effect, both for the business, and for you as its owner. It would improve your chances of staying longer in business and growing much more than you have expected.

Workplace inspections help prevent incidents, diseases, and injuries. Imagine not being able to do anything after the newspaper article in the business section calls out your company as being irresponsible in distributing products that falls behind safety standards. Imagine having to answer for an employee who was hurt in the workplace because part of the roof is showing cracks and starting to fall off, hitting her. Through a critical examination of the site, inspections are very helpful in identifying, and recording hazards for immediate action. There are health and safety committees for a workplace and they can help plan, perform, report, document and monitor these inspections, saving you all the major trouble you would have to put up with, when everything is rendered ineffective. Thus, it proves to be a win-win situation, considering the demand for various companies to manage risks of structural deterioration and product recalls which would lead to extreme customer dissatisfaction. Leaking is not the only sign for it to warrant replacement, or even checking.

Electrical Inspection Worksheet



Robot Inspection Checklist

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Drydocking And Underwater Body Inspection Work Sheet


Walkthrough Inspection Checklist


Just because you do not see something wrong, does not mean it is totally free from risks. There are various irregularities that cannot be seen by a non-professional. Performing maintenance checks, product and services evaluation or having a qualified third party do it for you, will be a good decision. Not only will it help you be freed of the pressure of not knowing the level of man-made and damages from natural calamities. It also gives you security over other inevitable failure of certain procedures. Do not wait for accidents to happen. don’t wait for complaints or any major damage, for you to consider inspections. The benefits for your business will be far reaching, and you will be able to save money, more than you can expect, compared to the need of immediate replacements and constant material changes, for something you are not really sure of, if you always put inspections and evaluations of the business overall, as a vital decision. Regular inspections at work is an important process in the overall occupational health and safety program and management system existing in a company that wants nothing less than to secure its place in the industry.

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