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It is important for one to lead a well-organized life. For this reason, it is crucial to have a spreadsheet template. You can lay down a plan on how you will spend your income, or how to manage your property. Many people who’ve used this tool always confess that they were able to manage their finances better than they would without the plan. You can download the template too, and use it to change the way you handle your activities, tasks and money.

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> Budget Spreadsheet Templates


A budget spreadsheet template is an important document, which enables one to plan their expenditures in relation to their incomes. Everybody needs this template to avoid spending more than their incomes. To keep your budget organized, and to make sure money goes to the right investment, use this template to make a budget plan for the month.[10+ Budget Spreadsheet Templates]

> Free Spreadsheet Templates


You can get a free spreadsheet template from the internet. Once you have downloaded it, insert details of your financial plans. The template can be used by businesses, individuals and companies as well. The best thing about free templates is that you can use them to record any kind of information, and what’s more is they are completely free.[12+ Free Spreadsheet Templates]

> Inventory Spreadsheet Templates


Some people have many items under their custody. Such people need an inventory spreadsheet template to keep track of their possessions. An inventory template helps to make sure you account for every item that you own, or at least what your business own. The inventory template has been made available for free download because everybody needs it.[9+ Inventory Spreadsheet Templates]

> Blank Spreadsheet Templates


A blank spreadsheet template is used to keep track of a person’s income and expenditures. It can be created using a spreadsheet package or be downloaded from the internet. Insert your financial details into the document and save it. You may print it if necessary. A blank plan template is a must-have for all people.[10+ Blank Spreadsheet Templates]

> Financial Spreadsheet Templates


This document resembles a simple budget. The financial spreadsheet template shows one’s income against their expected expenditures. If you are too busy to create it, just download a copy from the internet and customize it accordingly. Fill in the necessary details and save it on your desktop. You may also print if necessary.[8+ Financial Spreadsheet Templates]

> Accounting Spreadsheet Templates


Individuals and groups of people wishing to plan their investments require the accounting spreadsheet template. You can use a spreadsheet package to create the accounting plan template, and use it for business accounting. Also, you can use this to track personal or business payments. In addition, the template is great for people who want to record the amount of profit or losses against the investment value.[6+ Accounting Spreadsheet Templates]

> Tracking Spreadsheet Templates


Project managers need to be in a position to ascertain the progress of their work. They need a tracking spreadsheet template for this task. A free spreadsheet template shows the various jobs to be undertaken and when they are expected to be completed. Overall, because of its function, this remains an important tool for planning purposes.[8+ Tracking Spreadsheet Templates]

> Password Spreadsheet Templates


IT managers need to use the password spreadsheet template. They will use it to manage user accounts in the system. Users are fond of forgetting their passwords. The managers use the password spreadsheet template to store user details. These details can help them restore accounts whose users have forgotten their passwords.[9+ Password Spreadsheet Templates]

> Monthly Spreadsheet Templates


This is a plan of monthly expenditures in relation to the monthly income. Individuals and organizations need the monthly spreadsheet template to organize their monthly financial activities. There is really no way you can properly account for what you spend against the money you earn other than using this template.[8+ Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Templates]

> IT Spreadsheet Templates


The IT spreadsheet template is used by IT managers to keep track of the resources, tools, budgets and the projects in an organization. To ensure a seamless running of the organization, managers use the IT plan template to plan their activities. Download a copy from the internet and customize it accordingly.[5+ IT Spreadsheet Templates]

> Stock Plan Templates


Some organizations may decide to compensate their employees by offering them part of the stock. They need the stock plan template to help them allocate the stock appropriately. The stock spreadsheet template can be created in Microsoft Excel or downloaded from the internet. Stock is given out to retain or attract employees.[7+ Stock Spreadsheet Templates]

> Inventory Spreadsheet Templates


If you have many items, keeping track may be quite a challenge. You need the inventory spreadsheet template for this task. Create it in Microsoft Excel and fill in all the relevant details. It is not only important for record keeping but also good practice when giving items out. Human memory may be limited.[12+ Inventory Spreadsheet Templates]

> Google Spreadsheet Templates


Google has a template for storing user information. They use the Google spreadsheet template to store details of contact numbers and other information. You can create the Google plan template by using Microsoft Excel. You can also download a template from the internet and customize it accordingly. It is an essential document.[15+ Google Spreadsheet Templates]

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