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Employee recommendation letters are extremely useful documents that you may need from your employer, former employer, or even from the direct supervisor.  There are a lot of business schools that ask candidates to provide an employee recommendation letter from their former employer or direct supervisor for the admission process. You can also see Letter of Recommendation.

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In fact, employee recommendation letters are required when applying for a new job. These letters also act as a very useful tool to impress potential clients.The HR Recommendation Letter Examples can make your work a little bit easier. There are loads of sample recommendation letters for free download. These sample letters can help you in determining how to frame the content of the letter and what you need to request from others.

Letter of Recommendation for Employee Template


Letter Sample for an Employee Recommendation Template

If you are looking for help on how to write a letter of recommendation for former employee, this template here would be helpful for you as it gives a standard format on how to recommend an employee at her best- highlighting on her positive contributions.

Sample Letter Template of Recommendation from Employer

You are getting a very professional employee recommendation letter example here which starts with how pleasant it was to work with the employee and how her efforts could be a treasure for the new organization.

Example Employee Recommendation Letter Template

This ex employee recommendation letter discusses about the roles and responsibilities handled by the employee while in her former company and that the employer is happy to recommend her to the new company.

Recommendation Letter Template for Former Employee

You are getting a short and neat recommendation letter to hr manager about a former employee where the company manager readily recommends the employee who has been a star performer in his organization.

Job Application Recommendation Letter Template

If one of your most efficient employees has asked you for a new joinee recommendation letter for her new company, this template will help you with the right choice of words.

Colleague Recommendation Letter Template

If you are looking for ideas on how to format a recommendation letter for promotion for a colleague in your company, this template states how can represent your colleague’s efforts at their best.

Recommendation Letter Template for Promotion

If your company is looking for a suitable staff for a vacant post and you have found a compatible name from the existing employees, this sample recommendation letter for promotion would help you with your recommendation letter.

Internship Recommendation Letter Template

If you have to write a recommendation letter for internship of your students at a company, this internship recommendation letter shows you the right format and suitable choice of wordings.

Recommendation Letter Template from Employer

If any of your employees want a recommendation letter for pursuing further studies at a university or college that has asked for his employment proof, this  employee recommendation letter for college would be handy.

Sample Recommendation Letter Template

This recommendation letter template recommends the employee as a sincere and productive worker and also states how she has helped the company with profits during her tenure and that you are happy to recommend her.

Letter Template for Recommending a friend for a job

If you are looking for a professional job recommendation letter sample which will help you to recommend your friend/colleague to a company, establishing her as a sincere worker- this template would be handy for you.

Sample letter Template of Recommendation from former Employee

If any of your employees needs a recommendation letter while joining a new company as she had w to relocate for marriage, this recommendation letter template would be helpful for you.

Download Recommendation Letter Template

This recommendation letter starts with the boss happily recommending a former employee to a new company. It also states the duties she used to handle and how effectively she managed those responsibilities.

Engineer Recommendation Letter Template

This employee recommendation letter from manager states that he is confident about recommending the employee to a new organization. The letter also states that the employee has always been smart & good at her duties.

Help Your Staff Get His New Dream Job With Your Confident Recommendation Letter

Does any of your staff is about to join a new office and has asked for a recommendation letter from you? Well, it’s the moral duty of every employer to support his employee with a recommendation letter when the latter is about to apply for his dream job- as a token of respect and thanks for the dedicated employee that he has been for your company.

Uses of Employee Recommendation Letter

The primary use of employee recommendation letter is to offer a positive recommendation for the parting employee as a confident reference to his new company. If your employee is asking for a recommendation letter, you have to cite how much he has been useful to your organization and that he would be a good fit for the organization he is about to join as well.

Another form of employee recommendation letter is endorsement letter for promotion. If a position in your company is lying vacant and you think one of your friends or colleague in the office has got the desired potential- you can write a recommendation letter to the HR or your boss citing how your friend has been dedicated in his current position and how his potential makes him a suitor for the post.

The third form of employee recommendation letter is furnished when your employee has wished to take up higher studies in some college or university. The academic organizations ask for employment proof and recommendation from employer when a prospective student mentions of his current employment status.

How to Write Employee Recommendation Letter

Your employee recommendation letter would start with you happily recommending the employee for the new job. Then, you will state about her tenure and duties in your organization as well as mention how valuable and committed she has been. The letter will close with you confirming that the employee would be a dedicated and sincere worker at her new workplace, just the way she was in your office. In case, you need help with the proper format and wordings of the letter, take to readymade & customizable recommendation letter for friends for help.

The presence of employee recommendation letter templates also ensures that the letter is free from errors and professionally written. These samples are mostly available in word and excel format. Also, modifying the content of these templates is simple and easy.

Tips with Recommendation Letters

  • The letter must include your designation in the company & how you have known the applicant.
  • Include all necessary knowledge that will help to establish the credibility of the employee- like the profits she has brought, what a great team player she is etc.
  • Include lines on how she would be a great hire for her new company.
  • Mention that you can be contacted for any further need.
  • Use templates as per the recommendation need such as letter of recommendation for promotion

Dos & Don’ts


Always mention the employee in positive light
Use quantifiable examples to highlight her achievements
Maintain 2-3 paragraphs


No derogatory or faulty words about the employee
No lying
No vague words like “I hope”- rather go for “I’m positive”

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