4 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Calendar

If you are a rookie and an inexperienced entrepreneur who is running a startup business, just imagine yourself entering a world that is unfamiliar to you. The business world can be a tricky and challenging place to dwell, especially if you have to compete with companies that are offering the same products and services as yours.

One of the most powerful tools you can use to make your company survive in the business world is effective marketing. However, most marketing strategies are sporadic, especially in startup businesses. Moreover, you will need to plan and schedule it in order for it to work in the long run. Thus, using business calendar templates makes the task of planning and scheduling your marketing campaign a lot easier and more convenient.

The Marketing Calendar and Its Significance

As an entrepreneur, you are plagued with loads of tasks and responsibilities to keep the business up and about, and to make the daily operation run smoothly and efficiently as much as possible.

A lot of times, your extremely busy schedule can make you forget your brilliant marketing ideas and plans. This is why you will need a marketing calendar that can make you remember each essential thing at the end of the day. So how do you find one for your business?

A great and practical way to start is by checking out our marketing calendar template. They are available for free download and are easy to use.

According to an article in LinkedIn, “a marketing calendar is a monthly, quarterly, or annual calendar with the dates and details of your marketing plan”. Your marketing plan should show your company’s business goals, your strategies in product distribution, and how to reach out to your target market. You may want to check out the marketing plan samples and use them as your reference.

Effective use of marketing a calendar can help in improving the efficiency and time management of your business.

Let us take for example that every first week of the month you are scheduled to write and send newsletters via email to your target customers. You have to make sure to allocate enough time in writing essential details about product selection, market trends, and the process of distribution.

Always keep in mind the planning ahead of time prevent making marketing an emergency process. Using a marketing calendar helps ensure that all task are done on a timely basis, as well as reduces potential stress in employees.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Marketing Calendar

No matter what your monthly, quarterly, or yearly marketing activities are, it is important to understand that it is just impossible to do everything. In order to make your marketing campaign effective, you will need to balance your workload with the other activities in your business.

In this section, you will learn how essential is a marketing calendar in running your business.

1. It allows you to organize, sort out, and know your marketing priorities.

We all know that time management is essential for the success of your business. Using a marketing calendar provides an overview which things should be accomplished first, how and where to accomplishing your goals.

2. It allows you to bunch out your marketing activities according to seasons.

Seasonality is an important factor that affects your marketing campaign. A marketing calendar lets you see which part of the season you are loaded so that you can spread out your activities equally and sort activities that work best in certain seasons. Make sure to download our printable calendar templates and use them in planning and spreading out your marketing activities.

3. It helps identify gaps in your marketing activities.

Gaps in your marketing activities can be a total waste of time. Instead of leaving your target market and prospective investors untouched, make sure to find how to close these gaps.

If you want your business to succeed, you should be consistent with your marketing efforts and never leave gaps in between your campaign. Feel free to download and use our collection of planning calendar templates.

4. It helps you evaluate your marketing plans and campaign easily.

At the end of the month or year, a marketing calendar provides you a comprehensive overview of your marketing campaign, evaluate its effectiveness and monitor its progress.

Samples and Templates

Since we all know the significance and reasons why a marketing calendar is important for your business, you should definitely view our professional project calendar templates to help you monitor the progress of your business’ undertakings and projects.

You can also check out these different sample calendar templates and use them according to the unique purpose of your company.

Monthly Sales Template


Car Sales Calendar


Work Plan Calendar


Monthly Employee Work Calendar


Blank Monthly Calendar Template


Blank Printable Monthly Calendar Template


Office Meeting Calendar Template


Office Employee Calendar Template


Quarterly Planning Calendar Template


Concluding Thoughts

While there are thousands of different business calendars that you can download online, it is crucial to understand that your marketing calendar needs to be flexible when potential changes in the marketing trend arise.  You may also want to download and use our social media calendar templates and best scheduling calendar templates before you leave.

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