Steps to Take before Writing a Work Termination Letter


Even before an employee starts working in a company, he or she will sign a job contract containing an agreement that the employee must adhere and perform all the duties and responsibilities to the best of his and her abilities. However, as much as the employer would want to keep all his employees, there are certain and unfortunate reasons that the employer would cut ties and end the employee’s contract with the company. Of course, there is a due process to be followed if the employer will decide to terminate the employment contract of the erring employee.

In this article, we will discuss the important details about a work termination letter and its other essentials. We have also provided a few sample work-related termination letters that you can download for free.

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Understanding How a Work Termination Works

Terminating an employee considered to be one of the most unpleasant tasks that a manager will do. Of course, it cannot be avoided that all of the employees working in the same organization or company has somehow forged a close friendship and have become part of each and everyone’s life. But there are certain times when you will have to terminate someone because it is a crucial part in managing the members of the organization for the greater good of the company.

First and foremost, it is important for us to be on the same page when it comes to its definition. A work termination letter, as what it implies, is a formal document that is used to terminate the employee due to certain actions that are against the rules and regulations of the company. Terminating an employee all of a sudden can be risky for a company. In order to ensure that you have not violated the right of the employee, make sure to follow the proper steps before terminating his or her contract with the company.

1. Be Neutral

Before you decide to fire an employee, it is important to always keep a clear head. When there is an issue between a department head and an employee, there is usually two stories and you will need to hear each one of them neutrally. If the employee is accused of incompetence, you will need to ask his or her immediate head for a documentation to support the allegation. Only then you can call the attention of the employee and schedule a one-on-one meeting with him and hear his side of the story.

2. Document Everything

During the meeting with the employee and the immediate head, make sure to document everything that has been discussed. Allegations are usually a sensitive issue in the workplace that is why you will need to have a proper and accurate documentation; otherwise, it will be easy to argue that the discussion did not take place at all. If you do not have enough time to put it into a formal documentation, you can write down the informal conversation in a notebook and have each one of them sign whatever was discussed between you and the employee or supervisor.

3. Verbal Warning

Since the immediate termination of an employee can be a sensitive case, it is extremely important to observe the due process set by the government labor agency. Without following a due process, the employee may potentially sue the company for wrongful termination. Even if the allegation is proven true, you still cannot terminate the employee on the spot, not unless if his or her actions have seriously violated the rules of conduct found in the company policy. The erring employee is usually given a verbal warning to correct the problem at a given time period.

4. Provide Training and Coaching

If for instance, the said employee has been underperforming, make sure to develop a training strategy or coaching to help the employee improve his or her performance. After completing the training checklist, make sure to conduct an employee performance appraisal to check whether he or she has been doing any improvements.

5. Writing Warning Letters

If you strongly believe that the employee is unwilling or has not made any efforts to correct the problem, then you can issue a first warning letter to the employee to inform him or her that his or her action is unacceptable and is not tolerated by the company. A disciplinary action form is also signed by both the manager and the employee until both parties arrive at a conclusive solution to prevent the issue from worsening. However, if the employee still fails to make any improvements, then a final warning letter is issued. This final written warning letter often contains the possible consequences that will be imposed should the employee still ignores the disciplinary actions.

6. Terminating the Employee

If all else fails, the manager will write a work termination letter for the employee. When writing a work termination letter, it is highly important not to be personal with your reasons.It is also important to document everything the company has done to help the employee improve in order to protect the company from any potential lawsuits. Aside from sending two written warnings along with the disciplinary action plan, make sure to consult a qualified lawyer before releasing the services of the employee from the company. Seeking the services of a lawyer can provide you with a sound advice and enforceable guidelines.

Sample Work Termination Letter that You Can Download and Use as Reference

Job Termination Letter by Employee Download

job termination letter by employee download 31 788x1115

Dismissal for Gross Misconduct


At Will Work Termination

dismissal at will page 001 788x1019

Employment Termination Letter

termination letter 788x1019

Termination Letter for Probationary Employee

probationary 788x1019

Pre-Termination Hearing Template

pre termination hearing page 003 788x1019

Sample Cause of Job Termination Letter Free PDF

sample cause of job termination letter free pdf 788x1019

Casual Employee Termination Letter Template

casual employee termination letter template 788x1114

Example of Work Termination Letter

example of work termination letter 788x1019

Now that we have reached the end part of this article, make sure to always keep in mind this crucial steps before terminating an employee or else you will find yourself in big trouble. While a job termination may be difficult, it can be a necessary part of running and protecting the business to avoid more problems in the future. If you need a reference for writing a work termination letter, make sure to download the sample templates that are provided above.



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