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It is of utmost importance to people to plan events of any significance be it work, holidays, trips, anniversaries, birthdays and so on. Gone are the days when people used to circle dates on a wall hanging calendar and go through them racking their brain as to what each circled date might signify.... Read More

office calendar templates

3+ Office Calendar Templates in PDF | DOC

No matter how conventional it sounds, keeping a desk calendar at your office not only helps you to be organized but it also boosts your work performance. Even in this digital age, businessmen and employees opt for an office calendar because it helps them to schedule their important appointments and events according to availability, this reminding them at the right time. There are several office calendar templates that you can refer to and use in its ready-made calendar format.

10+ Kindergarten Calendars in Google Docs | Google Sheets | MS Excel | MS Word | Numbers | Pages | Editable PDF

Kindergarten plays an important role in the development of a child’s social and emotional behavior. Daycare centers enrich the minds of toddlers who are at the age of processing everything handed to them. The activities and games set for the kids mold how they interact and empathize to the people around them. Later on, when these children move to higher grades, they will apply what they’ve learned in the preschool. This article provides professional kindergarten or preschool calendars that institutions can download and edit at their convenience.

Training Calendar Template – 42+ Word, PDF, PSD Documents Download

Need the special calendar templates for your training purposes? Check out our special range of training calendar. These designs will leave you delighted to use and personalize. The select range of training samples will help you charter your training program, plan your training schedules and also advise other trainees with their everyday simple plan. And so, we’ve prepared a collection of training calendar samples for a sport, 12 week course, leadership, housekeeping, curriculum, quarterly lesson, HR department, beginner coaching, safety, and more. You can also see more on Training Desk Calendars.

14+ Production Calendar Templates

A production calendar is something all business companies, all organizations follow. It is the schedule according to which all production processes in a company including production meetings, production mechanism, order deliveries, etc happen. This production calendar is arranged and modified according to client orders, production hike, to fit in the modification of resources, etc. The better the calendar is drafted, the smoother is the production.

26+ Project Calendar Templates

It is good to have the habit of keeping calendar sample. This helps you to remember all the important dates. You can make your calendar and can customize it according to your choice. In case you have many projects, you can create a project calendar, to mark your projects with the date.