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Button templates provide “clickable” buttons in a pre-formatted style for text. These buttons can include multiple-choice buttons, download button, vector graphic buttons and even call to action buttons. Buttons are perfect if you want to make big, clear and tempting button options on your website or blog.... Read More

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10+ 3D Buttons

Clickable web buttons, social media buttons, button graphics, and whatever you may call them, play an integral part among web designers, graphic artists, computer programmers, and other computer-related professionals. Without them, definitely, they will not be able to create responsive websites and programs that they need to maintain their main source of living or income.

8+ Video Buttons

For online and offline platforms, video buttons are significant to make a posted and uploaded video operational. Video buttons have a variety of uses which include playing the video, pausing it, adjusting the volume, and many more.

8+ Amazing Ghost Buttons

In 2014, a rise of different design trends for we design and user interface has been very significant even nowadays. One of these trends is the ghost button. Ghosts buttons are a type of call to action elements which appears on websites and apps that are transparent and empty in nature and has a thin border and a text label that is located within the body of the ghost button.

9+ Amazing Stop Buttons

An everyday element in the world of Web design, buttons are important in creating a smooth conversation flow and an amazing user experience to Web pages and apps. As a designer, one way to keep up with trends and ensure visitors to keep coming to your site is to incorporate not just stylish but functional buttons into your design.

9+ Best Grunge Buttons

If you’re tech savvy and have browsed the Internet for the most part of your life, you must be familiar with that tiny entity which is usually located at the end of a search bar or bottom of the page. They usually appear as a text or an icon which you click and sends you to another page or whatever action it is supposed to do. Although they are sometimes trivial and may seem like a very simple user interaction element, buttons are essential in any web design as they serve as the communication line between the website and its user.