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Icons are the adhesive that hold the UI design and the purpose of it together. Icons should be understandable, literal and easy to locate by the users. Simplicity and gravity should be the two qualities present in all good icons. Choosing an icon simply because it is pretty while developing your website from scratch or using a template, might be the worst thing to do.
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10+ Travel Logo Templates

These days, logos have a variety of uses. Among businesses, logos are sometimes necessary for people to recognize a company. Logos are also used for events as an overall symbol of the occasion. In this article, we will teach you how to make these multifaceted emblems. We have also collected several high-quality logos for you to browse and use. All you have to do is scroll down.

9+ Shipping Icons

There’s something about icons at the heart of their usefulness. They are great for nonverbal communication. When somebody sees them, they already get the idea of what that icon is trying to imply. Now there are many uses for icons. The icons that you will find here take the shape of shipping services.

8+ Material Design Icons

It is no news that technology has been progressing quite rapidly, bestowing upon us untold benefits the world has not before enjoyed. In fact, it’s easy to take it for granted, and so much of this world is still quite new to us. For instance, what comes to mind when you hear the words “material design”? This may seem an unheard-of concept, but in fact it refers to something you see everyday. Material design are are those interactive digital images you see on cellphones, tablets, computers, and other digital interfaces.

10+ Set of Network Icons Collections

Icons are great for delivering messages without the use of words. To fit their myriad uses on thousands of platforms, you can find many icon resources on the Web that you can implement as is, or as references and inspiration. On this list, you will find sets of icons related to networking that you can use for anything with a social function. And on the hyperconnected Web, what isn’t connected these days?

7+ Album Icons

You may have noticed the beautiful designs shown on the front of a music album you just bought on record stores or the cutouts pasted on the scrapbook or photo book of your sibling. These little designs that help in the over all impact of the picture are what we call icons.