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9+ Glass Buttons

A rise in different design trends for web design and design interface has been seen during the last few years and has been very significant even until this time. One of these trends is the use of glass buttons for “Call to Action” elements of a web page. These transparent and glossy buttons are a great way to catch the eye of your visitors and enhance your website.

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Glass buttons have been popular among websites that use a minimalist or a flat type of design theme. Their popularity stems from the effectiveness of its elegant aesthetic which gives more prominence to the other design elements on the page. Take a look at our compilation of glass buttons to download and use below. Also, don’t forget to check out our other UI Button Designs available on the website.

Glass Web Buttons


Metallic and Glass Buttons

Colorful Shiny Glass Buttons


Blank Glass Buttons


Transparent Glass Buttons

The Benefits of Using Glass Buttons

Indeed, a beautiful transparent button can perform a neat magic trick of merging itself seamlessly within a site while successfully attracting the user’s eye. Here are some other positive aspects that glass buttons contribute to any design experience.

  • Easy to create. Glass buttons usually use basic shapes with applications of the basic tools in Photoshop. So, they are easy to create with Illustrator, Photoshop, or any graphic-editing software.
  • Trivial and unsubstantial. Although they aren’t difficult to make, they are not necessarily unimportant as they are used to give an uncomplicated user experience while giving the design an elegant look.
  • A sense of class. Because glass buttons are elegant and sophisticated, they almost seem to give an idea of class. Using them lightens the visual weight of your design without losing its sense of order.
  • Integrates easily. Since most glass buttons are less saturates, they can integrate themselves well with most of the other design elements and many different styles you use on your website.

For more button ideas, you can also take a look at our collection of Rounded Buttons.

Vector Glass Square Buttons


Round Shaped Glass Buttons


UI Glass Buttons PSD


Social Media Glass Buttons


Shiny Glass App Buttons

How to Use Glass Buttons

Integrating glass buttons into your Web page is easy. Whether you’re a designer or Web builder, here are some design techniques that you need to take note when applying glass buttons or any button in your Web interfaces.

  • Size. The size of your glass button should be relative to its surrounding elements and should indicate the right level of importance. It is important to be able to draw your user’s attention and make them do what you want.
  • Location. Another way to draw attention to the button is using a prominent position or placement on the web page. just make sure you do no overcrowd the page with buttons if you don’t want to scare your visitors away.
  • Detachment. Detaching your button from other Web page elements is an effective way of enticing your users to click on the button. To do this, you can use a white space or dead space around the button.
  • A sense of urgency. Aside from making sure its noticeable by the user, your buttons should also convey a sense of urgency to convince the user not to wait for a missed opportunity by not clicking on it right away.

Despite its ordinary characteristics, buttons are essential in creating a smooth conversation flow and an amazing user experience to Web pages and apps.

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