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9+ Metallic Buttons – PSD, Vector EPS

Buttons in graphic design refer to the element in web pages which solicits an action from the user. As a designer, you need to keep up with trends to keep visitors coming in your website, and creating an effective button means creating something that will grab the user’s attention and entice them to click, navigate, and learn about the website and what it offers more.

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There are a hundred ways to create buttons nowadays and there are even a lot of designs to choose from. You can update your website with stylish buttons such as our collection of metallic UI Button Designs that you can download and use on your web design projects and help you create a smooth conversation flow and an amazing user experience.

Gold Metallic Button


Metallic Button Vector


Round Metallic Button


Glossy Metallic Button


3D Metallic Button


Types of Metallic Buttons

As you can see on this page, there are different types of metallic buttons in which you can choose from based on the design theme or aesthetic that you are going for.

  • Raised buttons. This typically rectangular button is attributed with a shadow to create an illusion of a lift which indicates that it’s clickable. It adds dimension to mostly flat layouts and emphasizes its function on busy and wide spaces.
  • Flat buttons. Contrary to raised buttons, flat buttons do not lift; instead, they fill with color when pressed. One of the major benefit of using a flat button is they minimize the distraction one experience from the content.
  • Toggle buttons. A toggle button lets the user change a setting between two states and is mostly used as an on or off button for preferences. They can also be used on icons to select or deselect as well as adding stars to an item.
  • Ghost buttons. They are those transparent and empty buttons that have a basic shape form and generally bordered by very thin line with a plain text inside. With a metallic texture, these buttons look great in a minimalist theme.
  • Floating action buttons. It’s a circular material button that lifts and displays a morphing or launching reaction on press. They can easily be lost in a full web page but works great with responsive website designs when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

You can also check out our collection of Arrow Buttons for more fun and exciting ideas!

Long and Short Metallic Button


Metallic Switch Button


Vintage Metallic Sewing Button


Metallic Volume Button


Metallic Power Button


How to Use Metals in Buttons

Different types of metals are used indifferent ways and have different connotation in graphic design. Here are some types of different metal patterns and what they mean.

  • Rustic metals. Just like grungy metals, rusty metals elicits negative feelings but with a more aged and destructive look. Rusty metal patterns provide an almost ugly design element for unconventional approaches.
  • Grungy metals. The type of visual aesthetic that grungy metals evoke are that of neglect, mystery, and even distress. These patterns are perfect for backgrounds with a dark or industrial theme.
  • Gold. Meanwhile, gold is used to portray the elegant and affluent property of your designs. Although it can also be used for the reasons mentioned above, it still depends on how a designer execute his ideas.
  • Silver. On the other hand, shiny steel and iron surfaces made of silver gives out a rigid, strong, and unforgiving quality. These characteristics can be great for design concepts that are futuristic and otherwordly.

For more button ideas, don’t forget to check out our Rounded Buttons available on our site.

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