19+ Best Web Candy Buttons Collection for Download

When you are building a website for your brand, you should ensure that use the best options for color schemes for background and make your site navigation friendly. The look of your website plays an integral role in the growth of your website. If there is nothing special about the appeal of your site, people will not have the desire to website your site again.

web candy

Web Candy Button Set

web candy button set

Christmas Decoration Web Candy Elements

christmas decoration web candy elements

Candy Button Pack

candy button pack
This pack of web candy buttons has 2 different PSD files, including a normal and sliced views. The text is completely editable and they come in PNG files that are ready to use.

Web Candy Button Set

web candy button set
This set has 4 different styles of buttons and the text is completely editable and you can download these easily. You can also easily change the color of the icons based on your needs.

Candy Colorful Button

candy colorful button
If you want something colorful, then these web candy buttons are perfect. There are 21 icons that are different pastel shades and they are easy to resize.

CSS3 Candy Buttons

css3 candy buttons
This is a CSS3 set of icons that can be found in different shapes, including round, modern and oval with different fonts. There are various colors that you can choose as well as sizes.

Colorful Glossy Buttons

colorful glossy buttons for game design and interface
If you are looking for something simple, then this set of icons is the best. There are 3 that are glossy and perfect for a game design or other interfaces.

Eye Candy Buttons

eye candy buttons
These web candy buttons are simple and they are circles that are found in a wide array of colors. You can find them in various sizes, which makes it easy to pick the perfect one.

24 Candy Tags Button

candy tags button
If you are looking for tag style icons, then this set of 24 is perfect. They come in a huge selection of colors as well as various patterns.

Candy Web Buttons

candy web buttons
These web candy buttons are perfect, yet simple. They are done in bright colors and have a phone, back, forward, stop and other great functions.

Striped Candy Web Buttons

striped candy web buttons
This package has some 228 icons that you can use with 57 terms that you can choose from. The icons are all available in 4 colors and in standard and over modes.

Web Buttons – Candy

web buttons candy
This is another simple set that is great for any needs. They are shaped like a circle with great bright colors that you can use for anything on the internet.

40 Candy Tags Button

0 candy tags button version
These icons are made with various layers, which makes them extremely simple to edit and change. There are 40 different options that you can use for your site, including download, upload and sales.

Sugar Candy CSS3 Buttons

sugar candy css3 buttons
This set also has 40 icons along with 12 that are for social media sites. They come in 3 different sizes, 4 styles and 25 different colors that you can choose from.

BullzGumCandy-UI & Buttons Pack

bullzgumcandy ui buttons pack
This pack of web candy buttons has 5 main PSD format files that have all of the buttons. They are extremely easy to use and they have full retina support.

Eye Candy Buttons

eye candy buttons

Candy Tags Button

candy tags button v

CandyCane Buttons

candycane buttons

Some website owners add highly readable content but still do not manage to attract readers to their site. One of the main reasons behind it is that their website may not be appealing enough to the site visitors. Hence, you should not give less importance to improving the beauty of your site. Even small website elements like buttons play a very significant role in improving the overall navigation experience on the website. One of the ways to fill your site with vibrant colors apart choosing a good color scheme for your background is to use colorful web candy buttons. Web candy buttons come in every possible you think of. Like real candies, even the candy buttons for websites are quite tempting that will urge the customer to click on them. You can use them as small round buttons or even longer ones with text on them. Once you start making use of it, a dull and boring website will suddenly come back to life. One of the best ways to do is to make use of lively and colorful web candy buttons on your site. These buttons can be used as major navigation buttons on your site. These icons are gorgeous and perfect for any website. You can use them for all of your needs, including for direction, social media profile direction and much more.