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Social Media Buttons – 480+ Free PSD, EPS, Vector Format Download

Do you want your brand to reach a global audience? Are you curious about how big companies get widely acknowledged? The answer lies in maximizing the potential of social media and becoming an online marketer. Social media paradigm has powered the world in ways one never imagined. It helps you reach out to bigger audiences, the younger demographics who find social media as one stop solution for all their questions. Social media gives you a platform for creating a relationship with people by giving a soul to your otherwise soulless brand. It is here where the social media buttons can be used as a powerful branding strategy in any digital designs, to trigger a desired response from your target audience.

> Say ‘YES’ to Social Media Buttons

While reading an article on a blog or watching a YouTube video, you come across a section on the site which helps you to share the content on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr. These icons which redirect you to these social media sites and link your audiences to your social profiles are called the social media buttons. No wonders, graphic designers are always keen to use these buttons in their designs. You can see also Facebook Buttons.

Amazing Social Media Buttons Download

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> Types of Social Media Buttons

> Choosing the Right Button

> Here are Some Suggestions

If the target audience is teenager, then use the social media(Social Networking buttons) icons with the logos of-

If the audience consists of professionals then ask them to follow you on –

If the audience is women interested in food, travel and jewelry then share your likes on-

For all age groups and multiple topics follow:


> Stained and Faded Social Media Buttons

The social media buttons with the normal, classic design can be unappealing. To make it unique, the icons can be given a stained and faded effect. These icons are perfect for projects with grunge appeal. You need to take into account the vibrant texture of the background and give it a faded effect. These buttons should be designed in a manner such that it blends perfectly into the theme of the website. It enhances the textures of the website and doesn’t require any decorations. You can see also multimedia buttons.

> Dark Social Media Icons

These icons can be used against a bright backdrop. The traditional set of dark colors is used to complement the dark theme of the website. Six colors which suits the dark theme are- black, grey, blue, silver, red and orange. The icons are can be designed in two standard sizes 12*12 px or 32*32 px. These icons don’t escape the eyes easily. The dark social buttons looks best in travel and glamour websites.

> Minimal Social Media Icons

As the name suggests, these set of icons doesn’t use much style and decorations. It comes in a simple, classic black and white shade to brighten up your design. It makes your icons stand up amidst the load of information. Navigating the interface becomes easier with these icon sets. These are subtle and clean set of icons suitable for both commercial and non commercial purpose. You can see also flat design buttons.

> Flat Social Media Icons

The flat media icon set is designed with a notion of people who wants to go with the time. This is one of the most popular icons set with a long shadow. These icons look great with dark or white backgrounds. The best thing about this set of icons is it can be easily edited to suit your needs.

> Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

If you want to give your website an artistic touch, the hand drawn social media icon is for you. These icons have a hand drawn, sketchy effect. A pen, paper and water color isn’t required. The virtual world will provide you all. Be it doodle, water color or paper cut you get numerous options to select from. You can see also vintage web buttons.

> 3D Social Media Icons

The 3D social media icons will make your audience feel that you are physically present with them. The icons can be given a glossy effect to make it visually more attractive. The sides are clean and crisp which will complement a user’s website. Colors, filters, glitter will set different moods of the icon and will help the designers in creating a brand culture. These set of icons are best suited for bloggers.

> Styling the Social Media Buttons

Get a graphic designer to style your icons. Here are a few suggestions-

Social media buttons will let you walk your customers into your company virtually. The handholding of the customers will make your brand a known face amidst the pool of floating companies. Social media buttons are like a box of treasure for the designers who can use these icons to display their creativity. Channelizing the target audience has become easier with the presence of social media buttons. It places you on the pedestal and distinguishes you from your rivals. From size, wording, coloring and positioning every minute details is to be taken into consideration before plunging into a sea full of humans who are going to be your future audience, buyers or readers.

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