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12+ Catering Banner Designs & Templates

With the rapid growth of technology and social media, there is a continued adulation of most people for it. There is no denying the fact that everyone is on their phones and gadgets, which only mean everyone is mostly online in the virtual world. Helpful in the case when you own a simple business, as technology and social media, in a way, present both of themselves as a medium for promotion. Taking into account how the majority of the population visits different social media platforms on a day-to-day basis, it can be a testament to how much people will be able to see your digital promotion.

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If, for instance, you own a sample catering business with great need of promotion and is at a loss for ideas to resort to. One of the things you can rely on is the determined certainty of what social media promotions offer. And that is through ads. All you need to do is simply provide a banner containing all the necessary information of your business. Some of you might worry whether the medium is the best place to promote or not or the uncertainty of the effectivity of social media promotions in general, but you should put in mind that people love to eat. They love to eat whether they are celebrating something or not.

And in the case when they do, a catering service is a business that is first on their list. As some people most commonly opt for ways that are able to accommodate a lot of their guests, without having to worry whether the food provided is enough or not. With that said, here is a list of catering banners you can use for your banner ad promotions on social media platforms or even on your website (if you have any).

Catering Service Banner Ads

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Catering Service Roll Up Banner Template

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Free Catering Service Ads Banner Template

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Vintage Craft Rustic Modern Catering Banner

Watercolor Catering Banner Template

Banner Ad History

Promoting through banner ads was not as profusely used today as it was before. It was a fairly new venture for businesses to promote their brand to people. The very first time a banner ad (or ads, as there were a lot of them) was accounted for, was on October 27 in 1994.

It was during this time people were introduced to the idea of using banners on websites as promotional mediums. It started with the company AT&T when they first launched their banner ad on Wired Magazine’s website. That time AT&T had on their banner the words “have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will” is pretty ironic if it were released today given that majority of the people who get to see a banner ad simply just steers away from it.

Now, banner ads come in all forms and are rampant across all social media platforms, whether it be through Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, et cetera. You can see one pop out every second whether you intentionally click on it or not. The reason for this and as stated is the continued use of technology and social media.

Kitchen Collage Catering Banner

Creative Catering Banner

Importance of Banner Ads For Your Business

Promoting is a necessity in the industry of business as it helps strive a small business towards its goal. Now, there are many ways one can promote their business, either you go for the more traditional methods of handing out flyers or brochures or you can go for the more modern route, which is with technology and social media. However, whichever way you wish to promote your business their lies a set of important reasons to why it is mandatory, especially if you opt to do it through a banner

1. Brand-awareness

One of the effective repercussions of choosing to promote through an ad banner is the brand-awareness it will create. It will help re-establish the relationship you have with a former client back, if not help those who have no idea about who you are be acquainted with your business. Considering the grasp of social media, there is the high tendency for your banner ad to reach a wider set of audience. You may also see catering service Ad banners.

2. Clientele Growth

Along with your brand awareness incrementing to a greater degree is also the growth of your clientele. It is inevitable for people to want to experience what you have to offer given that you provide an effective banner ad. Also because you are a catering service and people want to try different food service providers until they settle with one of utmost quality service, a banner ad can help let people know about your business. This alone will simply give your business a chance to grow in terms of clientele.

3. Business Goals

What people fail to realize is how a banner ad can accompany a business towards its goals. With its effective promotion, your business will be more and more pushed towards its success, ultimately meeting its goals. Either the business wants to reach more people or simply provide a service of great quality, with a banner ad, it will simply help meet those. You may also see creative advertising banners.

Chicken Soul Food Catering Business Banner

Gold Glitter Whisk Bakery Vertical Banner

What Should Be On Your Banner Ad?

A banner ad will only be as effective with the different pieces of information in it. Altogether, these different pieces of information will help with the banner ad’s effectivity, thus the importance of containing all the information needed to promote. You may also see free advertising banners.

1. Logo

In order to effectively promote your business to other people, you should have some sort of identification to introduce your business. A logo is best to do this. You can simply put the logo in the middle of your banner ad and let it do the talking. You may also see website banner templates.

2. Name

Together with the logo, you can also put in the name of your business, either at the top or at the bottom of the logo. This way, your potential customers will know what or who the business is. This is most helpful in cases when the logo does not include the name of the business. You may also see grand opening banners.

3. Website

Although a banner ad will redirect an individual who will click on the image to the website, it is also ideal to have it on the banner. By simply putting this information on, will prevent loss of potential clients. Especially in situations when the image hyperlink does not work, they can just simply type in your website URL on the search box. You may also see banner templates.

4. Contact Information

Lastly, it is also ideal to have your different contact information on your banner ad to provide alternative means of communication that is most convenient to the person. You can put in your cell phone number, your business’ telephone number or even the fax number, to provide your potential customer an array to choose from. You may also see sample banners.

Premade Banner Ad Designs and Templates

Although there are tons of ways to acquire your very own banner ad, the best way (and probably the most ideal) is by simply buying one that is premade and readily available online. You may also see printable banner templates.

1. Affordable

Affordability is the main reason why the premade options are appealing. They do not cost you as much as going for other options like having it custom made. Also, premade banner ads’ quality is not being compromised despite its affordability. You may also see printable banners.

2. Easy To Work With

Since these options are already premade, they are generally easier to work with. Their initial design can serve as a guide to when you start working on your banner or also as an inspiration to base off of. With premade options, you do not need extensive knowledge about design to materialize your banner ad. All you need are creativity and patience in order to have your banner ad fully realized. You may also see printable banner samples.

3. Editable

Premade options are fully editable and customizable to your preference. Knowing that all these designs and templates are premade, gives you ample freedom to do whatever you want with it, which makes the premade option editable and customizable since they are ought to be finished. Texts, fonts, colors, sizes and a few other elements are fully editable. Sometimes it comes with smart object layers or vector files that enable you to move around elements to create a more personalized and unique-looking banner ad design. You may also see banner templates.

4. Design Variations

The premade option offers a number of design variations. There are different designs for people with different preferences. There are simple and minimal designs for those who like their banner ad clean and streamlined. There are also modern and fun designs for those who want their banner ads sleek. And of course fun designs for those who wish their banner ads to be unique and different.

The industry of business is already so packed with different types of ventures. Moreso, the food service industry is already stiff and cutthroat knowing the love people have for food and for having such grand preparations in celebrations. That is why the need to stand out and effectively promote your business is necessary, not only to get the word out there but to also help reach your business’ goals. Banner ads can definitely help with that aspect, knowing how technology and social-media centered everyone is in the recent years.

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other catering business owners seeking the best banner ads to use for the online promotions.

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