What is an Auto Repair Brochure?

Auto repair brochures are types of promotional documents that introduce an auto repair shop. It would be a perfect choice for a mechanic to say more about the business. You could flaunt your services offered as a car showroom, car service center, car maintenance, or even a car dealership. Unlike flyers, brochures are usually obtained through events that aspiring customers would want to avail of the automotive repair service.

How to Create an Auto Repair Brochure?

Your shop will be in a definite site. However, your brochures can be in different places and would influence people to avail of your auto repair service. To make it effective, clearly outlines what automotive product and service your company would offer. The following tips would explain as to how can you design your auto repair brochure that will properly translate your mission in making one.

1. Add Compelling Photos

Good brochures for companies especially auto repair needed to have high-quality photos. Photos paint thousands of words. The images that you wanted to incorporate with your modern brochure should complement with your context. An alluring photo can be the key to get your clientele's attention and to pick up the brochure and act upon the brochure's message. It would also showcase that you are committed as to what would be the reflection of the brochure. For instance, you can include the automotive product that you use to repair a high-end vehicle.

2. Use Full Bleed Technique

Most printers are not capable to print right up to the edge of the paper. This would result in white edges in your brochure. In order for you to avoid it, make use of the full bleed technique. This strategy plan would allow the printed document to be trimmed to give you the desired layout of your commercial brochure. If you are printing on your own, you can test run and print one sample document that would guarantee that your technique is effective. If you are sure about it, you can use it in printing your auto repair brochure.

3. Add your Context

Decide as to what would be your cover, body, and back text. Make sure that your message is consistent and understandable. You cover text would introduce your auto repair service, inside pages tells the story and provide options and your back page provides information on your contact detail for transactions. Your text must have fewer fonts. Set one font for the headline and one for the context.

4. Incorporate Appropriate Color Scheme

Using a color scheme would enhance your professional brochure visually and would emphasize specific points. Color is usually tied to someone's emotion. Using a consistent and pleasing color scheme provides a better experience for your target market.

5. Pick the Right Size for your Brochure

The standard size of a brochure is 8 1/2 x 11 and this would be a good preference in printing your auto repair brochure. A pro tip: make sure to print a test flyer before making hundreds and thousands of copies of your auto repair brochure.

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