Business Voucher Templates

Create Your Business Vouchers for Free through Download a Variety of Easily Customizable and Printable Templates That Would Suit Your Business and Style. WIth Choices from Gift Cards, and Flyer Vouchers to Check, Debit or Cash Payment Vouchers. Download Yours Now and Get a Sample Payment Voucher Format!See more

On the hunt for templates that you can use to create your business voucher? Then, you have come to the right place! We have quite a few varieties of Ready-Made Business Voucher Templates that will help you create high-quality and valid vouchers. With the 100% customizable design, you can easily add your business images, brand color, unique font styles, and all the required texts. You can change the overall appearance of these templates to ensure your brand identity is flawlessly incorporated. You also have the option to print these templates commercially or personally with the help of the print-ready feature. Our templates are available in any file format such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher. There is no need to look further. Download our free Ready-Made Business Voucher Templates In Microsoft Publisher now!

What Is A Business Voucher?

A business voucher is a business document conforming to a monetary value to be exchanged in particular goods or services that a business offers. It is used to gain a discount coupon instead of using cash as payment. Business vouchers can be differentiated in many ways. It can be a customer marketing strategy, a new product promotion, business clearance, a no-expense gift, and more.

How To Make A Business Voucher?

business voucher template

According to statistics, vouchers are mostly to be imitated. To avoid being a victim, personally and thoroughly make your business voucher. With this, here are helpful tips you can recreate in creating a business voucher.

1. Determine The Type Of Business Voucher

To finally start your business voucher, you need to determine what type of voucher you will make with the use of your business. It will serve as a basis for the format, theme, layout, and content of your construction, accounting, or hotel voucher.

2. Decide The Quantity

One of the reasons why you are crafting a business voucher is to gain patrons for your business. But, it does not mean that you will lose profits also. You need to make sure that you still gain from it. With that, contemplate the number of vouchers you need to produce. It will depend on the value of the desired voucher to provide. Calculate whether the discount will have a difference with your profit margin and write a profit and loss statement. Then, determine if you will produce a voucher book or not.

3. Download Business Voucher

According to the type of business you are providing, download a template about it. Where? Here at We offer you a wide variety of business vouchers that you can imagine such as a hotel voucher, a restaurant voucher, a bbq voucher, and many more. We recommend you our templates because we assure you that it is beautifully-designed with our official and professional graphic designers. Our templates are also filled with original content, so you do not need to worry about the uniqueness of your business voucher at all.

4. Add Design Elements

In any document exchanged with goods or services such as money and coupons, it has its design elements. With your business voucher, it must also have its design. Our templates are embedded with a design, but it is 100% customizable so you can insert a personal touch in it. You can add a funky and bright font style, size, and color. You can also add minimal images that would represent your business. But remember to keep the symmetry and principles of design. 

5. Use Appropriate Business Language

For your content, you must remain professionalism because you are in the business industry. Take note to use standard business terms and words. Include in your content the name of your business, business logo, location, contact details. Include also the voucher amount, validity, number, and lay out the terms and conditions. You need to clearly state the circumstances between you, the consumer, and the business voucher.