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How to Make a Business Meeting Letter?

As an article from thougtco.com puts it, a letter can be composed in different forms to fulfill a variety of uses. So, whether you need to send an attendance confirmation or an invitation request, writing a letter is to be expected.

Need a nudge in the right direction? If yes, then keep on reading down below for our handy tips on how to write a business meeting letter with minimal effort!

1. Set Up a Proper Layout

Since this letter should be written in business language and formal tone, set an appropriate page layout first. After deciding on a processing program to use (MS Word, Apple Pages, etc.), open a new document and choose whether you need it in A4 or US letter size. Then, set a 1-inch margin along each of the page’s borders. If the orientation layout isn’t already set to a portrait format by default, then make sure to change it as needed.

2. Header Details

After setting the general format of your document, go ahead and start writing by putting in a suitable title/main header about the meeting. Align it to the center and give it a fairly large font size. Next, write down the date of creating the letter, aligning it to the left for your business format. Below, type in the full name of your recipient, along with their job position and the assigned department.

3. About the Meeting

It’s now time to draft the primary content of your letter. Start off by writing down “Dear Mr/Ms [NAME],” to address the reader formally. After that, use the first line or paragraph to give a short introduction about the purpose of sending this letter. And now, proceed with talking about the meeting at hand; try to keep the dialog as concise as you can.

4. The Final Stretch

After writing down the main dialog, close it off by adding any final remarks you have on the matter. Lastly, use either “Regards," or “Sincerely,” as your professional closing line; go down by 4 empty spaces before inputting your name and job title. In the empty space, insert your email signature.

With the entirety of your meeting letter finally done, go ahead and send it to the intended recipient via email. Also, if you want some customizable letter samples for customer service, marketing, real estate, or any other type of business, then be sure to have a look at our Business Meeting Letter Templates!

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