It’s the time of the month again when you have to award outstanding employees. These top-performing employees deserve a gift that will boost their morale. If they feel that their efforts are appreciated, they’ll be inspired to go to work every day. Design a gift certificate for them using any of our Ready-Made Business Gift Certificate Templates! Craft one that fits your business trademark from the provided graphics of our editable templates. Easily grab one from your device in any versions of Microsoft Word. It’s easy to use by any type of user. Download now and create a gift certificate that reflects how outstanding the recipient is!

What is a Business Gift Certificate?

Business gift certificates are a tool that is used in recognizing employees. It contains the company name, the recipient’s name, and a short description of what the certificate is about. However, they can also be used to promote a particular service or product.

How to Create a Business Gift Certificate?

According to South University, “giving reinforces appreciation and acknowledgment of each other.” It always feels good when you receive something from someone. It gives the impression that they’re thinking of you, too. Recognizing outstanding employees, trainees, program participants will generate these kinds of positive feelings. In business, gift certificates or gift cards are good giveaways to loyal and regular customers or clients.

Looking for a time-saving way to create an aesthetically pleasing business gift certificate? We got you! If you want to challenge your creativity, here are some useful tips from us that will surely help you.

1. Utilize Templates

Sample templates come in handy when you’re running out of time. Also, it saves you the hassle of drafting from scratch which can be a real struggle. There are hundreds of available templates online that you can easily grab. You can grab either a content-ready template or the blank ones. For your convenience, you can check out our variety of certificate templates.

2. Choose A Layout

When you check out those templates, you’ll realize that business gift certificates come in various layout. The freedom is yours to choose the right layout that will correspond to your business. You’re also free to format your gift certificate to the size you want. If you have some professional photography background, it will definitely come in handy when choosing the structure or layout of your gift certificate.

3. Incorporate Design

If you want to unleash your creativity, you don’t need to follow what’s in the template. You can design a gift certificate base on your preference. Add life into it by inserting a creative background and other graphic elements. You can also customize the color scheme and align it with the color of your trademark or logo. Don’t limit your creativity but make sure to keep it simple and still easy on the eyes.

4. Customize Typography

You’re done choosing a layout and adding creative designs to your gift certificate. The next thing you need to do is customize typography. Typography is an important element in every design material, especially when you use it for marketing purposes or promoting a brand. It enhances the appearance of the letters on your content and provides aesthetic pleasure. Make the typeface appealing by choosing the right font style and size.

5. Print It Out

Whew! You’re done with the nitty-gritty of creating a business gift certificate. Time to do some cleaning. And after that, it’s time to make your work into a tangible thing. Print out your gift certificate in your preferred size. If you choose from our templates, you’ll find it convenient as it’s compatible with different printing devices.

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