When running a business, it is already a given that you will deal with various projects that are necessary for your business progress and success. But before you attain all that, you first have to manage a team that will bring your business to greater heights. That said, make use of a business Gantt chart! With this type of chart, you can set schedules in a breeze, designate tasks with ease, and manage your team members efficiently. To get started, make use of our Business Gantt Chart Templates in MS Excel. Each of these templates contains suggestive content and format that you can further customize to suit your business project needs. Download now!

What Is a Business Gantt Chart?

Business Gantt charts help track and manage the many aspects of business projects such as schedules, tasks, progress, milestones, and deliverables. Of all charts used during project management, Gantt charts are perhaps the most used and useful diagram because it helps the project move and progress until its completion.

How to Create a Business Gantt Chart?

If your business is about to take on a project, make sure you already know how to create a business Gantt chart that can guide you well. Lucky for you, we have easy-to-follow guidelines that can help you come up with your tool for success!

1. Have an Insight to Your Resources

What resources does your business project require? What will each task of your project need for completion? Right at the very start of creating your business Gantt chart, you should know what resources you need beforehand, for all the tasks to finish.

2. Determine Your Target Milestones

Throughout your project timelines, you will likely have big and small milestones. Right before starting your project, it is ideal that you already know what you would like to achieve throughout your business project to keep it on track. For instance, if your business project involves launching a website, your milestone could be "Website launch on May 5, 2020".

3. Outline the Necessary Tasks and Corresponding Leaders

For your business project to reach its completion, it would require the completion of tasks, both big and small. With the same business website project example above, you can highlight your duties as "Brainstorm website design," or "Plan contents for the website." And beside each task, assign someone who will be responsible for leading or completing it. This will give the trusted head a sense of responsibility and accountability for the task assigned to him or her.

4. Specify Any Dependencies

Like any project, each of its tasks interconnects with one another. If one task fails to complete on time, it creates a domino effect that also affects the timeliness of each task. Using the same example from above, if you don't finish your website on the deadline, you won't be on time with launching your site.

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