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Need a Partner to Collaborate on a Business? Then Download from’s Free Printable Business Partnership Letter Templates. Choose from Ready-made, Professional Document Template Samples Online with Business Generalities, Roles, Ownership Stakes, Decision-making Processes, Liabilities, and Dispute Resolutions that You can All Edit to Your Business Needs. Download for Free!See more

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Want to do business with a potential partner for a lucrative endeavor? Then get’s free printable business partnership letter templates. Have your choice of ready-made and professional template examples for a partnership proposal, letter of intent, dissolution letter, collaboration, business partnership, or termination letter. With simple and original content included, use our document editor tool to fill and edit your chosen template sample before downloading it for free and printing it on any compatible printer.

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Whether for a general partnership, a project proposal, or a strategic alliance, get all your needed business partnership letter examples that you can fully edit online to your business requirements. Besides those, we also offer reference letters, invitation letters, thank you, appreciation, termination, or service letters with prewritten content, including termination and intent, among others. Download all your needed templates for free in PDF or PNG file format.


  • What are the types of business partnership?

      The types of business partnerships are:

      1. General partnerships - This partnership commonly becomes valid when the business activities start. 

      2. Limited partnerships - This kind of partnership gives one party with unlimited liability than the other party. 

      3. Limited liability partnerships - Only certain kinds of professional service businesses can create these partnerships. These businesses include architects, doctors, dentists etc. 

  • Why is a proposal important in a business partnership letter?

      Attaching a proposal is important in a business partnership letter so the other party can review the status of your business. In this document, you need to include the new business structure that you'll be forming, numbers and figures that prove the current standing of your business, and other necessary information regarding the partnership. 

  • What are the advantages of a business partnership?

      The advantages of a business partnership are:

      1. Low cost of operations
      2. More money to use as capital
      3. More people who can decide for the business
      4. Easy establishment of the business

  • What are the disadvantages of a business partnership?

      The website Entrepreneur listed these disadvantages of a business partnership:

      1. Financial problems
      2. Different management styles
      3. Personal habits
      4. Setting boundaries
      5. Level of commitment
      6. Differences in skills and roles

  • When do you terminate a business partnership?

      You terminate a business partnership when the other party does not want anything to do with the business. The termination is not easy though as it undergoes a lot of legal processes.