The business partnership goes through a legal process and agreements between the involved parties. If you're aiming to have a joint venture with another company, state your intention with our Business Partnership Letter Templates! Each template in this collection is 100% customizable. Don't start from scratch; the original content of our templates will help you out in writing your letter. You can also print it after you finish writing. Save your time and secure more business deals by downloading our templates now!

What is a Business Partnership Letter?

A business partnership letter is a document that shows your intention to have a joint venture with another business person. This letter states how the business can help its potential partner in one way or another.

How to Write a Business Partnership Letter?

In a 2015 article of the Census data, 2.2 million firms or 8% of the entire business sphere are partnerships. While some business partnerships are successful, others are not. Making a request to merge with another business starts with a business partnership letter. If you're looking for ideas in writing such a letter, go over our tips below.

1. Describe the Business

Give your potential business partner an introduction to your business. Describe what you do and how you gain money from the business you have. You can include your company's mission to make this part of the letter convincing.

2. Show the Benefit

Since you have the intention to join forces with another business, state how this venture can benefit both of your businesses. Give at least a clear compensation scheme and a few benefits of your upcoming business relationship to convince your potential partner to merge businesses.

3. Identify Challenges

You have to understand that proposing a business partnership always comes with a few challenges. Identify those challenges and explain how you're going to address them together in the sample letter.

4. Prompt a Response

Get a response from the other party by saying that you attached a business proposal for them to go over with. Give your contact information and tell them that you're looking forward to work with them in the future. Lastly, keep a proper format and tone for your letter.

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