Cover letters are supplements to formal documents. They are often used by professionals, such as executives and managers, as the introductory section of their respective organization's background. Also, these particular attachments establish their proceeding documents' objectives, goals, strategies, and implementation details. In business development paperwork, it is necessary to include cover letters as per standard document flow. So, we highly recommend you make use of our premium subscription plan. Doing so allows you to access exclusive variants of our 100% customizable and printable Business Development Cover Letter Templates. Not to mention, each variation's sample content is professionally written to give you a reliable reference for your document's composition process. Subscribe now!

What Is a Business Development Cover Letter?

As the name implies, a business development cover letter is a single-page written message that is attached to any business development document. Its principal function is to introduce and outline the motives of the aforementioned document type, whether it is for marketing, sales, or other business aspects. Mostly, startup businesses who are planning for their company’s growth are the ones who develop such a letter.

In’s The 7 Essential Elements Of A Winning Business Development Plan, it has been expressed that well-planned business development undertakings must be shared with its stakeholders. For this very reason, cover letters are proven effective paperwork attachments that abridge their corresponding contents. Therefore, making it easier for project constituents to grasp a certain business development document’s line of actions.

How to Create a Business Development Cover Letter

With consideration to the technicality of business development documents’ contents, composing cover letters for them is not an easy task. For one, you have to make sure that you do not go all-out technical in presenting your propositions because doing so can put the entire missives at risk of being incomprehensible. Therefore, it is very important to write cover letters in a simple manner without losing their esoteric gist.

Get to create a business development cover letter the way professionals do. Don’t worry about not knowing the how-tos because the succeeding pieces of information can surely walk you through thoroughly.

1. Set the Letterhead

All formal letters begin by setting their headers. Business letters, in particular, start with the date that indicates when the letter was sent. This is then followed by important details of the receivers, including the recipients’ names, their job title, their organization name, and their complete company address. In some cases, business entities would prefer to add their logo.

2. Write a Subject Line

Business development covers many areas, from marketing to the company site and facilities. Since it has a vast coverage, senders need to specify their letters’ subject matter. This is to give their target readers clues of what aspect of business development is going to be tackled in the subsequent details.

3. Make Your Opening Salutations

Simple business letters must incorporate formal writing etiquette. In this regard, salutations or greetings toward the readers must be put down to give respect for their professionalism. In writing the section, the greeting goes first, then followed by the receivers’ courtesy or professional title and their family name.

4. State Your Intentions

After acknowledging the readers, the main part of the letter, called the body, comes next. This segment is where the sender should put into detail the quick rundown of the business development’s goals and objectives, outline of necessities, as well as the summarized breakdown of strategies and their corresponding execution tactics.

5. Express Closing Compliments

If there is an opening salutation, the opposite should also be there too. The cover letter’s body should be ended politely. Commonly, phrases like sincerely yours, best regards, and yours truly are used in this section.

6. Conclude With Sender Information

To accord with the standard business formal letter, a sample cover letter should be concluded by instilling the senders’ pieces of information, consisting of their signatures, names, and job titles.

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