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Using the available Free Editable Business Certificate Templates on, you can create business certificates with the correct Organization Name, Certificate Title, Recipient Name, Location, Date, Signature, and Reason for Award formats. Customize and Edit a Fillable Template Online before Printing it for Free.See more

Free Business Certificate Template, Printable, Download

Utilize the Free Editable Business Certificate Templates provided by when designing business certificates for your company. Our template library contains certification document templates, official document templates, vector border, and background templates, certificates of authority, care, appreciation, and student business certificates. Choose the format you desire to use, edit it with our free editor, and then print the document for free.

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Using our Free Editable Business Certificate Templates, you can create certificates for your business enterprise. Our template library contains high-resolution designs for registration certificates, blank certificates, appreciation, diploma, award, sole proprietorship, small business, achievement, completion, insurance, gold, excellence, and business certification templates. Using our built-in editor, it is simple to drag and drop custom clipart, royalty-free images, icons, vectors, and backgrounds. In addition, you can customize the fonts to match your business’ motif. Print the completed design after saving it as a PDF or PNG file.


  • What are the contents of a business certificate?

      The following are the contents you should always include in a business certificate:

      1. Name of the institution or facility providing the certificate
      2. Name of recipient
      3. A statement or the reason for the certificate
      4. Date of issuance
      5. Signatures

      Other business certificates may include registration number, expiration date, and serial number.

  • Does have free business certificates?

      Yes, the website has a bunch of free editable business certificates that you can download and use.

  • Who gives a business certificate?

      Different people or agencies can give certificates depending on their purpose. For example, the university or college gives the certificate of completion; businesses do promos and hand out gift certificates. And the state's business licensing agency gives business registration certificates.

  • Do business certificates expire?

      Certificates issued by the government after your register your business has expiration dates, which means you need to renew your registration. The expiration term/duration will vary depending on the laws of the state.