How to Make an Attractive Business Card?

A modern business card is a specific kind of business card that is designed according to the trends or styles in the modern era. It is commonly given to potential clients in order for them to be knowledgeable about you and your business. Moreover, a lot of business owners prefer to use business cards because they are useful, well-functional, affordable, and handy.

Business cards play a role that goes beyond the mere giving away of contact details. They truly partake a significant part in your business too because, for each two-thousand business cards that you hand out, you can watch your business sales to go up by 2.5%. Hence, we present to you some techniques and guidelines for crafting an elegant business card.

1. Outline

Generate a good plan and a comprehensive outline. It is essential to create an outline before getting your hands down to lay-outing for the benefit of your craft. Take time to brainstorm for useful ideas for the betterment of your card. Take into account the era that you are in and the design trend. Furthermore, you must know who your target market audience is so that your sample business card will be crafted relevantly.

2. Select a Format

There are a lot of corporate business card templates available, but make sure to choose the one that you think is best to use. Since you are now selecting a template, might as well pick a size — 3.5 x 2 inches is highly suggested. Also, select an orientation — you can have it either in portrait or landscape, you have the freedom to choose.

3. Design Well

You already have the framework, now work on the design. Bear in mind that any services business card is a professional document although you are free to customize it and be creative, be mindful in designing, and do not lose your purpose. Start by picking a color scheme, you can combine them but if you want it to be simple, then black and white are enough. You can mix and match the font sizes and font styles, use striking images and elegant borders. You can use shapes if you want your business card to be more unique.

4. Put the Details

You were given the chance to be artistic in lay-outing but in inputting the data, you have to be accurate and factual. Enter the important details such as your company's logo, slogan, contact information — as well as your contact numbers and social media, address, and call to action in your creative business card.

5. Produce

Before you actually finish your printable business card, you have to review your work so that you will not waste the things that you have invested such as money, time, and effort. Afterward, you can generate your desired amount of copies. Use a good-quality printing material or a durable paper to achieve the best result because if you will use a plain paper, it will be easily discarded and crumpled. Also, it will not last long and will not catch attention.

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