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How to Make a Kindergarten Brochure

Learn how to make great kindergarten brochures to promote the facility and get parents to enroll their children in it. With the help of our list of instructions below, you'll be able to make beautiful and kid-friendly sample brochures in no time.

1. Get Inspiration from Your Competitors or from Samples

Start the process of creating educational brochures by gathering ideas and inspiration for the design. Sources for these ideas and inspiration include brochures used by your competitors and samples that you can find on the Internet. You're free to get ideas from whatever source is convenient; it may not even have to be kindergarten-themed as long as it's capable of attracting children of that age group.

2. Choose a Specific Type of Brochure

Brochures come in various types which include the bifold and trifold types. While these two are only the most simple ones, there are also other brochure types including the gatefold and Z-fold (variants of the trifold brochure), roll-fold, and accordion fold type. Before you proceed to gather graphical objects for the brochure's design, it is best that you already choose a brochure type.

3. Gather Photos, Illustrations, and Other Relevant Graphics

After getting ideas as well as for deciding on a brochure type, you can start getting vectors or images that might be relevant to your brochures. These may either add to the information that you're planning to convey to readers or it may simply serve as an enhancement to the design. If you're planning to use your own photos to showcase the kindergarten facility, you're actually allowed to do so as long as the images are clear and appreciable.

4. Write and Organize Your Content

The content of your brochure should contain information that is capable of convincing parents to enroll their children in the facility. This should include details about the facility, the staff, their teaching strategy, and the activities that are going to be exposed to the children. And since brochures typically have a section dedicated for the introduction, you should also write about the background of the facility and its mission and vision.

5. Enhance Your Brochures through Graphics

As informative as your brochures can be, it wouldn't get much attention if the design isn't attractive enough. Although the target audiences here are the parents, the actual subjects are the children and their preferences need to be addressed as well. Give life to your brochures by making it colorful, and make use of the photos and illustrations that you've gathered in one of the previous steps to enhance the design of your creative brochures.

6. Share, Print, and Fold Your Brochures

If you choose not to print your brochures yourself and have it done by professionals, simply save your work in a shareable file format. Aside from being shareable, consider going for printable brochures in order to easily produce copies of it. Start printing copies of your brochure and then fold them according to the type. Afterward, you can start distributing your brochures either by handing them out or by placing them inside reading materials.

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