Sometimes, your desired company might not be advertising. But, it does not mean that you cannot land a job there. As long as you are visible within the company’s radar, the chance of you getting hired is high. If you wanted to introduce yourself for the job position, send a comprehensive and professionally written Letter. To make the letter more effective choose one from our premium collection of Letter of Interest Templates. We assure you our templates would help you produce a formal letter as it has original content that is industry-compliant. Apart from that, you can have it in standard legal sizes, such as A4 & US sizes. All the templates in this collection are 100% customizable and printable, so you only need some minutes to personalize them. Subscribe now to start downloading!

How to Write a Letter of Interest?

Much like any of the formal letters that you send to your potential employers, your letter of interest must be well-crafted and appropriate. Use it as a pre-employment strategy to pitch yourself for the position that you applied for.

If you wanted to write this letter, follow these simple tips to craft it instantly.

1. Conduct your Research

You need to be equipped with proper information about the company before crafting the letter of interest. One of the elements that your letter must have is an explanation of why you are fitting for the company. So, you need to know the company’s background, products or services offered, and work culture. In that way, you can also establish a connection.

2. Introduce Yourself

The first paragraph must introduce you to the internal executives that you are addressing. Spell out what you wanted and clarify why you wanted that position in the company. For example, if you are aiming for the administrative assistant position, narrate why you are the perfect candidate for the position and how your skills would help you perform the job effectively.

3. Include your Work Experience

It is given that an employer would highly focus on the work experience, so make sure to pitch it into your letter. To effectively do this, you need to include quantity or numbers into it. For instance, if you are pursuing the teaching position, you can include the percentage of students that you helped in graduating. You can also include the major projects that you handled in your tenure.

4. Let Them Reach out to You

As mentioned, your letter of intent can be a communication tool between you and your potential employer. So, you need to encourage them to reach out to you by including a call-to-action statement. Provide them with your contact details, such as your contact number, email address, and others.

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