Maintenance Contract Templates

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How to Write a Maintenance Contract?

maintenance contract template

A maintenance contract is a business agreement between a service provider and a customer covering the maintenance of establishments, buildings, or equipment in a certain timetable. In recent statistics by the United States Department of Labor, as of 2018, the Repair and Maintenance services Industry has an estimate of 600,000 employees working for this sector. This only indicates that maintenance providers are available anywhere, making it a tight competition.

According to, a maintenance agreement outlines the terms for providing maintenance to another business or company in a comprehensive manner for all concerned parties. Maintenance service providers play an important role in every establishment because they make sure that every equipment is working, every crevice is clean, every lawn is perfectly manicured, and everything is on its place and function. Contract agreements are important binding documents, and they must be carefully outlined, reviewed, and neatly presented. Maintenance contracts are not complicated to create because different references are found online. To help you out with your contract making, we have provided suggestions for you to follow or learn from. 

1. Identify Client Details

When writing a contract for maintenance work, it's always a priority to identify all concerned parties. Write in full detail all the names of the individuals or companies. To garner more clients, offer special discounts and exclusive offers to whoever signs a maintenance service agreement with you. It's also ideal if you scout for possible clients; show them the service offerings and convince them to sign up a contract with you.  

2. Make a Complete List of Services

Maintenance contracts must include a complete list of services with their corresponding descriptions. List everything through a table format for easy navigation. Maintenance work can vary from plumbing maintenance, gardening or landscaping maintenance, HVAC maintenance, website or IT maintenance, etc. Whenever technical terms are mentioned in the pages of the contract, everything must be clearly defined to avoid misinterpretations. Keep the description short and concise.

3. State the Contract Terms

The service contract must state in detail all the terms and conditions of the agreement. The duration of the maintenance work, the charges, the guidelines, and the instructions must all be included. In addition, state a termination clause that will determine the factors ending the overall agreement.

4. Include Schedules

A statement of payment schedules and terms must also be incorporated in the contract. Aside from billing statements, service schedules should also be stated. Identify if the maintenance service will be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Schedules are important because it helps you map out your calendar. 

5. Provide Space for Signatories

Conduct a thorough meeting and discussion with your client and discuss every minute detail of the contract. An article from Forry Law Group states that it is important that the signer of the legal documents carefully review and proofread all the contents especially if they are representing a company. The maintenance service provider and the clients should both sign the contract and conclude all the terms.