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What Is an Onboarding Plan?

The purpose of this type of plan is to help make new employees familiar with the overall goals of the business and to help them meet expectations and lead them towards success. The way the information is presented to the reader should help him/her know exactly what needs to be done to help prepare these employees on the daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks that they have to be able to complete. So basically, think of this plan as a step-by-step onboarding guide for those who are given the task of helping new recruits.

How to Create an Onboarding Plan

onboarding plan template

1. Coordinate With Those Who Will be Aiding You With the Onboarding Process

Prior to any new employee's training, it is important that you gather the people that will be helping you with the onboarding process and conduct a meeting where you may all discuss how things should be handled. This is very important as having everyone that should be involved could potentially point out details that may have been overlooked. Also, this is perfect for pointing out who will be in charge of what. Once that has all been determined, be sure to place the plan's much-needed roles into the document.

2. Make Sure to Prepare All Paperwork

What you'll need here are employee handbooks and nondisclosure agreements, completed tax forms and insurance paperwork, and direct deposit forms. You may consider fingerprinting and drug screens that the new hires have to take. The point of doing this is so that your new employees are able to become officially a part of your business as soon as possible. You can send these documents to these people via email or other means so that they can sign them ahead of time.

3. Point Out How Long the Onboarding Process Will Take

To do this, you will have to consider everything from how the new hire or new hires will be introduced to what kind of training they will have to undergo. Take note of all the tasks that need to be completed to determine a reasonable amount of time it takes for the new employees to familiarize themselves with the work and their workplace. While some only take around 2 to 3 weeks, it's possible that it may take 60 or even 90 days. Again, just make sure to provide a reasonable amount of time and schedule for everything to take place.

4. Prepare Everything Your New Hire Needs

The sample plan should be able to cover everything that the new hire or new hires need to be able to properly take part in training and do their jobs. What kind of tools and/or software do they require? Have you already set up their company accounts? You'll need to consider these things and list them all down into the plan so that they can be acquired as soon as possible.

5. Make Sure The Workspace Is Ready

Have your new hire’s workspace ready right from day one. Being able to show your new employee to their work station and getting him/her ready for work right away communicates that you want that person to be there. It shows a good image of your company, making the new hires feel more secure and comfortable.

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